How Wildlife legislation in Lancashire’s Forest of Bowland is being selectively implemented when choosing who ‘to’ and who ‘not’ to prosecute.

Gamekeeper caught below active Bowland Peregrine Nest with Loaded Shotgun

Part 2

In 2009 two experienced members of the local raptor group, the same group who had their Peregrine and Hen Harrier licenses revoked by Natural England, witnessed a gamekeeper climb over the boundary wall from the adjoining estate where he worked onto the United […]

We seek them here we seek them there, but we know there are none anywhere. Are they in heaven or are they in hell, only the shooters can tell? The public asked to help find the Hen Harrier.

Part 1. Hen Harrier Initiative asks the Public to find the missing birds.

We are referring to the recent initiative asking for the public’s assistance to find the missing Hen Harriers both in Scotland and now in England. The initiative launched this week is urging bird watchers, hill walkers and the general public to look […]

Malta – Senior Hunting Official caught hunting illegally ‘but will not be expelled’.

FKNK high official allegedly caught hunting illegally at the Foresta 2000 Bird Sanctuary; BirdLife Malta demands suspension of hunting; FKNK refuses to expel hunter.

Edwin Vella, identified as a high-ranking FKNK official, caught hunting illegally by BirdLife Malta inside the Foresta 2000 Bird Sanctuary. […]