US Pesticide Manufacturer Contests EPA Decision to Ban 12 d-CON Products

US Pesticide manufacturer Reckitt Benckiser yesterday formally appealed the January 30 action by the US (EPA) seeking a federal ban on the sale of 12 d-CON mouse and rat poison products.

In submitting its request for a hearing by an Administrative Law Judge, Reckitt Benckiser is engaging in a legal battle with EPA that could drag on for four or more years. Until the case is resolved, Reckitt Benckiser will be allowed to continue marketing d-CON rat poisons despite the products’ “unreasonable risk” to people, pets, and wildlife.

“D-CON is buying time through each layer of administrative and judicial review. It is fighting a losing battle, but every extra day on the market is money in the bank for this multinational conglomerate,” said Cynthia Palmer, Program Manager for (ABC), one of the nation’s leading organizations.

You can read the full account of this story here published by Focusing on Wildlife

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