Langholm Project – Lack of web site updates

Some of you may be wondering why the langholm project web site seems to have stopped in July 2012 with no new information since that date. Well, of course, the staff are so busy making a ‘Red Grouse’ moor that they have no time to keep the web up to date. This spring, Scottish Natural […]

White-tailed Eagle and Eagle Owl Web Cams, Hungary, Denmark, Estonia and the Netherlands.

Once again we are most grateful to our friends living in Europe for sending a number of links to raptor web cams located in three countries. We are delighted to have been able to publish the link for the Eagle Owl site featured on Raptor Politics last year located in the limestone quarry at Staatsbosbeheer […]

Lyme Disease can kill – be aware of the ‘dire’ consequences of being bitten by infected Ticks

A huge increase in cases of Lyme disease in Scotland has prompted calls by the Scottish Gamekeepers Association for a new pilot to reduce tick numbers. Between 2001 and 2010, the number of incidents of Lyme disease in Scotland rose by 1,000% from 28 to 308 incidents — and has now been linked to the […]

“Operation Easter” swings into action to protect eggs of birds of prey from illegal traders

Individuals who steal bird eggs will be targeted in this year’s Operation Easter. A national campaign to protect the eggs and chicks of birds of prey is under way as nesting gets into full swing. For the first time in its 16-year history, Operation Easter will be carried out by the National Wildlife Crime […]

Seminar in Podgorica as a beginning of an international cooperation for Greater Spotted Eagle conservation.

At the beginning of March we published details of proposals by Poland and Montenegro to protect the Greater Spotted Eagle following the widely published account of the shooting of Bruzda, a Greater spotted Eagle shot dead in Montenegro after completing a long migration from Poland. The story of the first joint seminal held […]

Malta-Spring hunting season could turn into free-for-all.

BirdLife Malta has accused the Maltese government of “executing” a political promise that goes against the spirit of strict supervision and selectivity required for the correct application of a derogation to the Birds Directive.


The remarkable story of ‘Anicka’ a Golden Eagle shot in the Czech Republic but now breeding in Slovakia

It’s always nice to publish a raptor story with a fairy tail ending, a rare event these days. We have already published one Golden Eagle Article together with the image of the month (Pair of Golden Eagles feeding on dead fox, March 2013 detailing efforts inside the Czech Republic to reintroduce the Golden Eagle back […]

Family of Red Kites confirmed poisoned

“Two generations of the same kite family – confirmed poisoned!”

Golden Eagle Trust Ltd., Media Press Release

20th March 2013

A member of the public recovered a dying red kite in Wicklow Town. The bird died a short time afterwards despite local vets trying to save the bird. It was found […]


[singlepic id=291 w=120 h=120 float=center] RSPB Media Release

Despite evidence that wildlife crime is a threat to some of our most threatened species, Government has ignored the advice of a committee of MPs by refusing to provide long-term financial security for the National Wildlife Crime Unit. They have also ignored some simple recommendations to […]

Owen Paterson set to scupper EU plans to ban pesticides linked to bee harm

Environment secretary Owen Paterson is not expected to support proposal despite poll showing almost three-quarters of the UK public wants ban About three-quarters of global food crops rely on bees and other insects to fertilise their flowers.