Not all Doom & Gloom

When the National Gamekeeper’s Association starts getting all angsty about something, it’s worth looking at more closely and that is just what happened last week as they issued a call for the temporary ban on the use of second generation rat baits away from buildings, introduced by HSE , to be reversed.


Are the courts taking WILDLIFE CRIMES seriously, as yet another gamekeeper given lenient sentance?

A Yorkshire game keeper has been given community service of 120 hours and ordered to pay £85 costs for illegally using a gage trap baited with live pigeons, to trap buzzards. Shaun Allanson, 37, subsidised his income from working on the Blansby Park near Pickering, North Yorkshire, by breeding and selling game birds to […]

Hogg Wash Strikes once again in his latest Blog.

Occasionally someone comes along with a statement they have published which is totally beyond belief, more in keeping with fairly-land rather than any true reality. Much worst, as in this instance, the words we have republished below appear to indicate they believe what they are telling us.