Marsh Harrier found poisoned in North Lincolnshire

An investigation has been launched after one of Britain’s rarest birds of prey, a Marsh Harrier, was found dead on the banks of the River Humber in North Lincolnshire.

The dead Marsh Harrier, found near Goxhill, had been poisoned and was discovered dead on top of a large bush. Humberside Police, the RSPB and Natural England have been working together to investigate the incident.

“This is one of the more unusual incidents that police are called to investigate. Whilst it is not one of our regular priorities, all reasonable steps will be taken to investigate this matter and prevent further loss of these rare birds.” – Sergeant Howard Garlick, Brigg Neighbourhood Policing Team

2 comments to Marsh Harrier found poisoned in North Lincolnshire

  • nirofo

    Why is it an unusual incident, I would have thought it was quite a common incident given the number of dead Raptors found poisoned all over the UK. Maybe it’s unusual because it’s not very often they bother to investigate Raptor poisonings at all. They’re not alone when they say it’s not one of their regular priorities, maybe they should make it a priority when it’s in their jurisdiction, after all, it is a criminal offence to poison a legally protected bird of prey anywhere in the UK. I can’t wait to hear the results of their endeavours.

    Editor’s Comment. Why should anyone be so surprised at this comment by the police, after all, wildlife legislation applied to the systematic persecution of ‘protected’ raptors by gamekeepers is treated with almost total contempt by the courts. How many gamekeepers in the last 4 decades have been given a custodial sentence for the slaughter of birds of prey when found guilty by the courts, none as far as we know is the correct answer; instead the courts sentence them to a small fine and a couple of hours community service (fines paid by their employers). If the current situation wasn’t so serious it would be laughable. The fact that gamekeepers are not sent to prison is because they, together with their employers, are all an integral part of the British establishment and politics are more important than a few birds of prey!

  • sh23363

    “Not one of our regular priorities”!!!

    Well now we have Police and Crime Commissioners who can change priorities.

    Here in N Yorks (the wildlife crime capital of England) we have a tory in the post which does not bode well. Her manifesto made no mention of wildlife and she seems obsessed with the idea that crime in N Yorks is committed by folk coming in from neighbouring areas.

    Any how the NFU have pressed her to prioritize rural crime which is a good start.

    Perhaps supporters of this blog should email or tweet the Commissioner in their area every time an incident is reported. In a few moments on google I found details of the N Yorks PCC and to get us all started…

    She is Julia Mulligan

    her website is


    Looks like she wants to be an MP

    I just tried to email my PCC but found my message was deemed invalid!! Will try harder.