Ornithologists chart disappearance of 44m birds from Britain

The UK’s bird population has plummeted by 44 million in four decades, according to a study carried out with the help of volunteer ornithologists across the UK. The dramatic decline in numbers – equivalent to one for every person in England and Wales – has been caused by changes in farming methods and the weather, […]

Second Donald Trump golf course design work under way at Menie on Scotland’s east coast

Mr Trump claims wind turbines would spoil the sea views for golfers if given to go ahead. Design work for a second golf course close to the Trump International Links in Aberdeenshire is now under way. Martin Hawtree – who designed American tycoon Donald Trump’s current course which was allowed to destroy an SSSi at […]

‘Britain’s Response to the Biodiversity Action Plan,’ cont’d. 3.

The things you need to know when counting birds:

It is important to recognise and understand your birds. Don’t listen to the lies of governments and officials; bird numbers are falling and it’s a horror show out there. As ever the list is given below and these are the very ones you should be looking […]

At least 24 illegal trapping sites found in Gozo – Birdlife Malta

“The current autumn trapping derogation is being used as a loophole to continue illegal finch trapping with at least 24 illegal trapping sites found by BirdLife on Gozo last Saturday,” the conservation organisation announced today.


Huge UK bird losses can only be halted by a range of concerted measures and partnership approaches…

What can be done to arrest the Armageddon facing British birds? The RSPB and other charities that are providing the research, are also providing the solutions. The UK’s breeding bird population has been experiencing rapid, awful decline, reveals a new NGO and volunteer driven state of the UK’s birds report.