‘Britain’s Response to the Biodiversity Action Plan.’



I am of course referring here to the real eco-terrorists; those who wage war, destroy, plunder and trash the ecology.  For those of you living outside the UK., Defra. is the government department in England that ‘takes care’ of things like rural and farming issues etc.
To begin, I’d like to quote an opening line of a letter we received from them, ‘the success of conservation measures.’  This was a response to an enquiry that was made concerning a proposed Buzzard cull back in May (for full script please see attachment).  Such has been the success of conservation measures that populations crashes are now an epidemic right across the country, with examples manifesting themselves everywhere.  Over the decades, ever since their creation, Defra. have shown themselves to be untrustworthy, perverse, psychopathic and beshriveled; routinely and willfully concealing genocide with their lies and deception.  And the fact that Buzzards have expanded their range in recent years, is, I think, largely down to the Buzzards themselves rather than anything Defra. can claim any credit for.
Please see the species list on page 7 on the Defra. Extra attachment, any one of those are the real indicators of any success, or lack of it, that might be happening in the British countryside, and this paints a much bleaker picture than Defra’s. ambitious claims.  The evidence is all around for everyone to see, go out there and take a look for yourselves and you will find, an abysmal void of nothingness and they talk about success.
Anyway, it’s that time of the year again when I make my report on what’s been going on in the countryside, and given that nothing at all has changed, all I can do is to repeat that that’s been voiced over and over again in the previous years:

 Robert Piller.
Campaign Against the Trade in Endangered Species…
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