New Snaring Order comes into force in Scotland on 22 November 2012

The Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) are advising all  their members to act now, and Raptor Politics feels it is important that all raptor workers also know just what this new order entails. 

The Snares (Identification Numbers and Tags) (Scotland) Order 2012 was laid before the Scottish Parliament on 24th October and all SGA members who obtained snaring accreditation for legal predator control MUST NOW TAKE ACTION as the order comes into force on 22nd November, 2012.

The information contained in the attachment here provides details of what all members, who have sat snaring courses, must now do to comply with this order. The relevant form to fill in is also included.

In summary, the Order makes provision about identification numbers and tags in relation to setting snares. Please download this form now and use it make your application.

• An applicant for an identification number is to be made in person at a police station in the police area within which it is intended to set snares (article 3(1)).

• It is to be made in the form set out in the Schedule to the Order and must be accompanied by a fee of £20 and the other accompanying documentation set out in the Order (article 3(2)).

• Article 4 sets out how a chief constable is to be satisfied that an applicant for an identification number has been trained for the purposes of section 11A(4) of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (“the 1981 Act”). This will be the case where he or she is satisfied that a training certificate has been issued to the applicant.

• Article 5 provides that identification numbers must be issued by registered or recorded delivery post, and (where he or she has not issued the number) requires the Chief Constable of Strathclyde Police to be notified when this happens.

•  Under Article 6, he or she is required to keep records in a centrally held register all of identification numbers which have been issued. This information may be shared with the Scottish Ministers.

• Article 7 sets out requirements for the composition of tags, how they are to be attached and the information which is required to be displayed on a tag where it is intended to catch the species listed in section 11A(2)(c) of the 1981 Act.

Please see attachment below Form for printing

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