One of this years two Langholm Hen Harriers fitted with satellite Tags confirmed DEAD!

The body of the tagged hen harrier, known as Blae, was found in Tweeddale after trackers noted there had been no movement for days. Conservation workers associated with the Langholm hen harrier conservation project in the Borders feel Blae may have been killed illegally.

Blae and her sibling Barry were from the Langholm Moor Demonstration […]

Satellite Tagged Marsh Harrier goes of the Radar according to the Highland Foundation for Wildlife

Willow – a young female marsh harrier was satellite tagged at a nest containing two chicks in the county of Moray in the north west of Scotland. For the first six weeks the young female harrier ranged in the general area of the breeding site, and was more often close to the nest site […]

Maltese Hunters and Birdlife at odds over illegal hunting on the Island

The Maltese hunters’ and trappers’ federation, FKNK, said the shooting by an individual near Qawra at a flock of Greater Flamingos, reported by BirdLife Malta (BLM), is a deplorable act that it unreservedly condemned. “We augur that, as reported, the suspect allegedly identified by BirdLife Malta will be brought to justice,” the FKNK said. […]