Migrating Osprey hurt in storms nursed back to health on board North Sea vessel

Carla the Osprey will be released when well enough An osprey hurt in the storms which battered Scotland last week was nursed by oil workers after landing on a North Sea vessel. Staff on Fugro’s Skandi Carla boat found the injured bird and feared she would not survive. […]

Illegal hunters in Malta take advantage of lax enforcement on first days of hunting season

This juvenile Bee-eater, was shot on the first day of the hunting season, wing broken and blinded in one eye. This young bird hatched this year and was making its first migration to Africa.

Tuesday 4th September, Malta – BirdLife Malta today announced that there were no ALE units patrolling the countryside on the […]

The Hen Harrier is dead, long live the Hen Harrier!

What can be done next you are all thinking, well sadly we appear to have run out of viable options in respect to Hen Harriers in England. Why more was not done before the inevitable happened that’s a question we are unable to answer.