Malta- The Killing Goes on. Illegal Hunting from Speedboats

BirdLife Malta has issued these images, taken last week, which, it alleges, show three men hunting illegally from a boat well within 3 km of shore. The photographer who captured the images was walking at the top of the cliffs at Ta’ Cent.


More Members of the Scottish Parliament add their names supporting a motion seeking improved protection for Golden Eagles.

A second member of the Scottish Parliament, Claudia Beamish, South Scotland, Labour, has now added an amendment Motion: S4M-04516.1: Date Lodged: 25/10/2012 to Nigel Don’s original motion seeking improved protection after the deaths of up to 11 golden eagles in Scotland since 2007 .

The number of supporting MSP’s has now increased to 32 and […]

Michael Upson, ex-policeman, receives suspended sentenced over birds’ eggs

RSPB officers and police found hundreds of eggs in margarine containers Link to BBC video of Upson helping Police search his home. Michael Upson, 52 and a former Suffolk police constable who amassed a collection of 649 rare birds’ eggs has been given a suspended jail term. Norwich Magistrates’ Court heard Upson was arrested […]


RSPB Media Release

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A former Suffolk police officer, Michael Upson (of Sotherton, Suffolk) has pleaded guilty today at Norwich Magistrates Court of possessing 650 wild bird eggs collected while he was still in the Suffolk Constabulary. This follows a successful investigation by the Norfolk and Suffolk […]

Motion presented to the Scottish Parliament Condemning the Deaths of 11 Golden Eagles since 2007.

Following complaints sent by many members of the public from all over the UK to the Scottish Parliament in response to the death in Glen Esk, Angus of the Golden Eagle, action in the way of a parliamentary motion has now resulted in a call for urgent action to be taken in an attempt to […]

Saving Asia’s Vultures from Extinction (S.A.V.E)

Crisis in Asia as Vulture populations crash throughout their whole range

As recently as 1990, the total number of Oriental white backed, Long billed and Slender billed vultures was estimated at 40 million. Today that number has declined below 10,000 birds.

Research has now identified the ant-inflammatory drug ‘Diclofenac’ used in the treatment of livestock […]

There is no longer any doubt,Richard Benyon MP is unfit for DEFRA.

Richard Benyon is one of the richest landowners in Berkshire, the great, great, great grandson of a former Prime Minister Lord Salisbury and lives in a Tudor Mansion. He is firmly in the top 1% of the countries aristocracy. What bothers many people as a Minister for the Environment he has consistently acted with contempt […]

Is it now time to adopt a more radical Strategy to bring about an end to Persecution?

Im somewhat concerned that some people are pinning their hopes on Vicarious Liability helping the cause against harrier persecution. All I see happening is employers urging their gamekeepers to be more cautious in the way they kill harriers in future.



RSPB Media Release -Badgers


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The Environment Secretary’s announcement today about the postponement of the badger cull has been welcomed by the RSPB.

Martin Harper is the Society’s conservation director. He said: “These culls have proved to […]

MPs urge government to act on illegal bird poisoning

Committee of MPs urge government action over wildlife crime

October 2012. The RSPB has welcomed a committee of MPs’ challenge to the government to take action over the ‘systematic killing’ of birds of prey. The RSPB trusts the Government will implement the recommendations from the Environmental Audit Committee’s [EAC] Wildlife Crime report to ensure the […]