Voicing our Concern to the Europenan Environmental Commission on the lack of Protection for Britain’s Birds of Prey.

I am asking everyone who listened to the Radio 4 broadcast which investigated the widespread illegal slaughter of birds, including many birds of prey, on the island of Malta to please send an email voicing your own concerns about the persecution of protected raptors here in the UK to Joseph Hennon joseph.hennon@ec.europa.eu  at the European Environmental Commission.

Mr Hennon’s interview with Matthew Hill can also be heard on the same programme. If like me you consider the illegal persecution of raptors here in our own country to be out of control, in particular on Red Grouse moors and that the present government are not taking this matter seriously send your concerns to Mr Hennon asking him to investigate this issue.

It would be helpful if you would kindly send to Raptor Politics a copy of your e-mail to Mr. Hennon together with any response you receive from Europe which we would like to publish in due course.

 My e-mail to Mr Joseph Hannon, European Environmental Commission.

 3 August 2012

 Dear Mr. Hennon,

I have just heard interviews with several people, including your own, on the recent BBC Radio 4 programme talking about the problems of bird protection throughout the island of Malta, but have you ever been approached to look at the problems which also exists in Britain?

Large areas of Britain’s uplands are used for Red Grouse shooting and here we find birds of prey like Hen Harrier, Peregrine Falcon, Golden Eagle, Goshawk and Short eared Owls, are being illegally removed regardless of  our own wildlife legislation governing Britain or from the EU.

The present British Government are even trying to relax the laws so some birds of prey can be killed or controlled legally. The numbers of raptors killed each year throughout the UK are now estimated to be in the 1000’s not 100’s like in Malta.

I respectfully ask you to take this important issue on board as a matter of some urgency. You may not be aware but this year saw the hen harrier in England reduced to just one single breeding pair, a direct consequence of persecution to protect Red Grouse stocks throughout our northern uplands. This situation is truly appalling when research suggests there is sufficient moorland habitat in England to support at least 400 pairs of Hen Harriers. The situation currently existing in Southern Scotland is just a bad with just two recorded productive Hen Harrier nests this year.

I look forward with interest to a positive reply in due course..

Terry Pickford

North West Raptor Group


5 comments to Voicing our Concern to the Europenan Environmental Commission on the lack of Protection for Britain’s Birds of Prey.

  • John Miles

    What a great opportunity for people on this blog. mine has gone already. get on with it.

  • Simon

    Well said John, I sent my comments to Mr Hannon this afternoon; I just hope many others follow Terry’s lead on this one. Isn’t it interesting raptor politics are the only organisation that consistently fight for raptors in England. Other so called professional organisations with an association with conservation appear to be conspicuous by their absence or sit constantly on a very high wall. A very good example has been the lack of support by a certain bird protection organisation for Mrs Harper’s e-petition.

  • harrier man

    I will do everything possible and have done for a number of years Terry for birds of prey in this country. I applaud your dedication and vigour with this web site and other avenues to help our truly magnificent raptors this is another important step i will voice my concerns.

  • harrier man

    My comments have been sent.