Chrissie Harper speaks out in support of Bowland’s Eagle Owls.

[singlepic id=294 w=140 h=140 float= left]Yes I can certainly confirm that Andre Farrar informed me in an e-mail “the RSPB as I should know, have had no involvement with monitoring the breeding Eagle Owls in Bowland.”  He also told me ” the birds were being monitored by Natural England, and if anyone has any material relating to any incident they should contact Natural England.” Why he should wish to tell me this I can only speculate as clearly the RSPB do monitor the Bowland birds and have done so for many years. Is this a case of one hand not knowing what the other is doing? I am sick and fed up with the way the RSPB and Natural England preach one thing and continue to do the total opposite.

It is very clear to me that the RSPB have no concerns for the Eagle Owls and only came off the fence in their defence because of the public outcry regarding the cull and the way it would have made them look if they had said nothing.

My heart is breaking for the plight of raptors and my beloved Eagle Owls in Bowland which thousands of people tried to help and protect, now it has come to this, how very sad these people are. I believe that the two people seen so often near to the Bowland nesting site using a taped lure must be the two RSPB Wardens and at least some of the  blame for this years failure must fall on their shoulders.

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If this is the way the RSPB encourage their people to behave around nest sites then no wonder the raptors throughout Bowland are now having such a terrible time. Playing tapes to encourage these owls to show themselves during the breeding season is disgraceful and very unprofessional to say the least. Of course United Utilities are far from blameless in this sad and sorry catalogue of disasters. Unitited Utilities claim to be a green company in their literature but are doing nothing to prevent the decline of the wonderful raptors on their property, infact company policy ensures the cover up of many persecution incidents and nest failures from being made public, United Utilities should be ashamed.

I am supposed to be speaking with Andre Farrar about the RSPB’s support, OR LACK OF SUPPORT, at this moment in time for the e-petition, but am so sickened by events that they seem to be unable to prevent, or perhaps don’t want to prevent, that I have no desire to bother and am at therefore exploring other avenues to try and secure the required number of signatures to get the law of Vicarious Liability discussed in Parliament.

I agree that our government have no interest in the wildlife of this country and are slowly destroying everything they get involved with. Who ever was responsible for writing and sending that letter to me has opened a can of worms which in my view makes anyone involved with raptor protection/monitoring on UU land look very bad. Even if as suspected the letter is a work of fiction, sadly it appears to convey the truth of some of what has taken place this year. Could it have been sent to try and divert blame away from the very people who are supposed to be protecting these owls that have been in the Dunsop Valley since the ninteen ninety’s and have captivated people from all over the UK? I accept of course we will never learn the truth will we?

Yes Jimmy, it would appear that the dark ages have returned for raptors on grouse moors and many shooting estates, but did they ever go away? I am informed the current situation for raptors in Bowland today, even though the RSPB have a presence there for over 20 years, is now just as bad as it was when the RSPB first arrived.

Money paid into the right hands will encourage people to be silent and cover up anything, perhaps we should be wondering who is accepting money to turn a blind eye to what is going on now; from where I am sitting sadly I think I know the answer. What we need at this time above anything else is transpancy and accountability, something the North West Raptor Group have been calling for many years.

Chrissie Harper (Mrs)

2 comments to Chrissie Harper speaks out in support of Bowland’s Eagle Owls.

  • Alan Parker

    How can organisations associated with raptors and their conservation stand back and say nothing about what appears to be taking place in the Forest of Bowland? I agree with what Crissie has said, there needs to be total accountability and transparancy in Bowland if the current situation is to change for the better. The way Severn Trent handled the publicity following the discovery of the destroyed goshawk nest on their property was a credit to this water utility company in my opinion. I am curious to know why United Utilities would wish not to follow this path unless of course they have something to hide? John Armitstead’s hen harrier figured show a consistent pattern across the Bowland estates, persecution has taken its toll of harrier numbers but still continues. Will the peregrine I wonder do any better this year than last?

  • Housemouse

    “What a superb site, its about time our wildlife in Bowland was protected. I have an interest in the owls and will follow this closely.
    Regards Housemouse