Richard Benyon – The bird-brained minister

The Buzzard fiasco now shows just how committed our government is to protecting the interest of our birds of prey. The link to the attached article says it all. Mr Benyon the only responsible option for you now is to resign, sooner rather than later.

Statment recently published by Defra, explaining their position on […]

DEFRA backs down on Buzzard control

More information at Birdwatch, and a somewhat sourer response from the Countryside Alliance!


[singlepic id=291 w=118 h=118 float= left] The RSPB is stunned by Defra’s plan to allow the destruction of buzzard nests and to permit buzzards to be taken into captivity to remove them from shooting estates. The Society believes this intervention against one of England’s best-loved birds of prey will set a terrible precedent and […]

Mark Avery Hen Harriers – The questions that were not answered by Richrd Benyon MP

Thanks to Mark Avery many important questions are now at long last being replied to by Natural England, yes questions that had it not been for Mark’s persistence would certainly not have come to light. We all know of course the plight of the hen harrier today was the result of continuous persecution on England’s […]

Caerlaverock Osprey Eggs damaged in Territorial squabble

Sad and disappointing new has been reported from Caerlaverock in South West Scotland, where an intruding osprey has caused the loss of a clutch of eggs being incubated at the reserve last week.


Two More White-tailed eagles found poisoned in the Irish Republic

The Southern Irish Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht has condemned the apparent poisoning of white-tailed sea eagles in Mayo and Donegal.

The young Mayo eagle, which had been released in Killarney National Park in 2010, was found dead on the shores of Lough Beltra after a tag showed it was not moving.


Hen Harrier Plight – too little, much too late. Why has it taken this long for bird protection bodies to speak out and demand Government action?

Surprise, what do we have?! Not a solution but more talks and discussion by which time hen harriers upon England’s uplands could already be extinct. The term, disgusting, does not even begin to quantify this appalling and unacceptable situation.


The Bassenthwaite Osprey Watch – English Lake District

Last weekend the Bassenthwaite osprey watch reported a very unusual visitors to Bassenthwaite an Osprey called Rothiemurcus, click here for more information and maps. Rothiemurcus was ringed by Roy Dennis in August 2009 near Aviemore and has over wintered in Northern Senegal. He started his migration back to Scotland on the 14th April this year […]

Stuart Housden Director of RSPB Scotland asks where is the logic in Wildlife crime sentancing?

Stuart Housden ask a very important question on his new blog this week, a question regarding the lenient sentences passed down by far too many courts to those individuals convicted of killing protected raptors. What Stuart has to say is very significant and may have a bearing on why these crimes are increasing despite […]

SEA eagles are wreaking havoc with wildlife on Mull, according to some islanders.

The successful breeding of 15 pairs of eagles and 11 chicks has brought tourists to the island, but it has had a negative impact on other species, Mull Community Council was told. Reading about the concerns of some of Mull’s redidents bring to mind the attitudes of the Victorian era. One would have to ask […]