Peregrine Web cams show unusual predatory and territorial behaviour.

With peregrine numbers expanding across Europe many pairs are taking up residence on an assortment of buildings with mans help. The two man made nesting sites featured in the clips below show extraordinary territorial and predatory behaviour. As far as we are aware nothing like this has ever been seen or filmed before. In the first set of captured video clips from the Netherlands, take a look at what was recorded on the 15 April in particular. If you have time, look at all of the clips on this site.

Territorial attack by intruding female  at a man made nest site in the Netherlands.


In the second set of video clips there was a surprise for everyone – A Parakeet captured for Breakfast. At least now the Councils of London can argue they have an ally in their fight to stop the expansion of this alien and intrusive non native species.

Introduction of offence of vicarious liability for raptor persecution in England

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