Windfarms: bird mortality cover-up in the UK. (MEDIA RELEASE) by Mark Duchamp

The British public is being misinformed regarding bird mortality at wind farms, denounce Save the Eagles International (STEI and the World Council for Nature (WCFN). It is contrary to fact to pretend that these industrial structures are “carefully sited” so as to avoid risks to birds and bats. It is equally false […]

Peregrine Web cams show unusual predatory and territorial behaviour.

With peregrine numbers expanding across Europe many pairs are taking up residence on an assortment of buildings with mans help. The two man made nesting sites featured in the clips below show extraordinary territorial and predatory behaviour. As far as we are aware nothing like this has ever been seen or filmed before. In the […]

Hot air: Minister says no more onshore wind farms – but thousands are already in the pipeline

Ministers have ruled out a fresh expansion of wind farms – but will not reverse plans for the thousands of turbines already in the pipeline. Climate Change Minister Greg Barker said there had been an ‘unbalanced’ approach to the controversial turbines and vowed there would be no significant expansion of farms.