Scottish farmers distressed by savage sea eagle attack on newborn lamb

It appears that the unseasonable snowfall in Perthshire this week was enough to make conditions more difficult than they should have been for Kenny and Rhona Duncan, but they faced an unexpected challenge when they reached their lambing field at Cockerstone, Little Glenshee, near Bankfoot, on Tuesday. They found a sea eagle eating a newborn but badly savaged lamb.

Mrs Duncan said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had just read the story in Monday’s Courier about the problems Scottish crofters were having with sea eagles taking lambs on Skye and had said to my husband that they had my sympathy.” You can read the complete story published by the Currier below.

12 comments to Scottish farmers distressed by savage sea eagle attack on newborn lamb

  • Jimmy

    So an eagle is seen scavaging(not killing) a dead lamb – cue mass hysteria about flocks being wiped out and children being at risk. We really are sliding back into the dark ages when it comes to raptors in the UK:(

  • che

    This is just another journalist seeking sensationalism to further their Raptor hating career.

  • paul williams

    Will this farmer be compensated for his loss?

    Editor’s Comment, If it can be proved the eagle killed the lamb then most likely compensation will be justified.

  • paul williams

    RSPB confirm their complete support for the Vicarious Liability e-petition

  • paul williams

    Paul Williams shared a link.
    about a minute ago
    Police, Camera, (No) Action
    We’ve recently learned about the suspected shooting and decapitation of a white-tailed eagle on the Isle of Skye. Incredibly, this incident, concerning one of Scotland’s most iconic conservatio…

  • Jimmy

    Thats an extremly disturbing incident – I hope its not a harbinger of worse to come given the increasing media driven fear mongering and hysteria directed against this species.

  • Paul

    Fact/sea eagles though magnificent birds of prey do kill live lambs.having recently while lambing in the last few weeks on the western isle,s observed two deaths on live lambs, one new born then one a few days old were taken live not dead/ill.I MYSELF AT FIRST SCEPTICLE when reading these reports but now seeing this twice one time with my daughter who was home helping have now changed my view on the whole matter of protecting a bird that could if left to reproduce affect the livelihood of the crofting community

    • michael

      To be honest,
      although i understand the distress of the crofters/farmers in the are cases in which an eagle takes a lamb, the public are already supporting those sheep with their taxes, so in a way they own them almost as much as the farmer and therefore must have a say in the matter. I think most people would not support curtailing the eagle population to have more tax-subsidised sheep on the hills.

  • paul

    are you unable to print the truth or not what you want to here?

    Editor’s Comment. Hi Paul we appreciate your comments and are very happy to print your view, even if we do not agree with your point of view. Have you considered the advantage these birds are bringing to the rural communities in which you live? Tourism in Western Scotland for example is on the up because of these icon species. Have you considered advertising to bring in your own tourists to your location, for a fee of course? There is a lot of money to be made from these birds, jump on the band waggon and reap the rewards yourself.

  • paul

    Not everyone is driven by greed.Tourist are always welcome to see the beauty of all that Western Isle,s has to offer.There are many species of wild birds and wild life on and around the coast but the point of view that i make is these magnificent birds kill indiscriminately not scavenge on dead prey as you other comments lead the reader to believe.
    rspb are right to prosecute people who kill or injure any bird of prey but it must be intrested in facts about the nature of the bird in question and not deny its actions

    • Mal Taylor

      Please read any one of the 4 separate studies into eagle predation since the 1980’s regarding the relationship between lamb mortality and eagle predation. All of them come to the same conclusion which is that losses of live lambs attributable to eagles are very low in terms of overall lamb production, and have no overall significant detrimental effect to crofting.
      Sounds like another effort to secure compensation to me, so i would say that money is very much the issue.

  • che

    Paul, Golden Eagles and Sea Eagles eat to live, lamb = money to man, to an Eagle it is just another meal! Eagles are illegally killed for taking lambs,so it is a question of money.