New Scottish Red Kite Centre opens at Dingwall.

Local MSP Dave Thompson has officially opened Tollie Red Kites, the red kite viewing centre, near Dingwall. Helping him celebrate at Tollie were RSPB regional director George Campbell and Alex Matheson of the Brahan Estate. Also present was the team of local volunteers who daily feed the kites.


West Midlands Bird of Prey smuggler receives community service.

A BIRMINGHAM man has been sentenced for smuggling rare birds into the country from South Africa and trying to sell endangered species over the web. Brynn McDonagh from West Heath was arrested last October in a joint West Midlands Police and National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU) investigation.


Berkshire Red kites in sausage heist-Friday 27/04/2012

[singlepic id=152 w=225 h=145 float= left]Red kites in Berkshire were reported to Thames Valley police for stealing sausages from a hot barbecue. The report came a day after a young woman told how a red kite swooped down and tried to fly off with her small Pomeranian pet dog. The two incidents in Wokingham were […]

Red Kite attacks dog?

Fashion model Kate Hillman was stunned when a red kite swooped down on her five-year-old pet, named Vinnie, as they walked in fields near her home in Maidenhead, Berkshire. “The bird came from my left-hand side and the claws went out and it tried to pick up my dog” said Kate, whose dog weighs just […]

Continental Hen Harriers staying late in England this year.

[singlepic id=84 w=335 h=515 float= left] In a month [25th march – 24th April] over 60 records have been made by UK bird watchers of Hen Harriers observed over low ground when most British birds should already have been on their upland breeding grounds. This must point to the fact that these harriers are continental […]

The Cumbrian Peregrine Story by Geoff Horne, RSPB Gold Medal Winner.

“What we were doing was just something worthwhile. You know, helping these birds to recover from the low – very low – ebb that they were in, in the fifties and early sixties.”

Today, the high fells and crags of Cumbria are a stronghold for the Peregrine Falcon in […]

RSPB Job Vacancy-Investigations Officer

Investigations Officer Reference number: 210412

Location: Newcastle

[singlepic id=291 w=118 h=118 float= left]We are looking for a committed individual to join the RSPB Investigations team. Based in the North of England the postholder will assist in the detection of wildlife crime incidents, and in following cases through by assisting the statutory agencies in any resultant […]

Dutch Eagle Owl Web Cam

If you don’t live anywhere near the Forest of Bowland and would like to Follow successful nesting Eagle Owls at their well protected cliff nesting site through the breeding season, then click on the link below to watch live streaming of a nest site in the Netherlands. Since the pair of Eagle Owls were removed […]

Saviour of endangered species vies for prestigious international honour and $100,000 award

[singlepic id=465 w=304 h=171 float= left]Poachers, disease, civil wars, heat, cold, rain, drought, pollution, ignorance, indifference. Those are just some of the challenges faced by the 29 conservationists who have devoted their lives to saving the Earth’s endangered species and who have been nominated to receive the biennial Indianapolis Prize, the world’s leading award for […]

Endangered Philippine Hawk-Eagle bred in captivity

At last some good news to report from Manila in the Philippines following successful breeding of another critically endangered Philippine hawk-eagle chick this week. Only twenty years ago this rare eagle was feared to be heading for extinction throughout the Philippines.