Road to nowhere!!

In 2007 at a Hen Harrier meeting set up by the Duke of Westminster, the duke told Ian Grindy, Bowland Estate Manager, United Utilities, that the water authority’s Bowland estate was the worst managed estate in northern England. Game keepers were needed to manage the land the duke suggested. Ian replied with the fact that if game keepers and shooting were allowed on the land there would be no Hen Harriers left on Bowland within 6 months.

As you all know shooting is now allowed. Hen Harrier numbers are crashing and what about all the other raptors. Do we know if shooting is interfering with the Eagle Owls? Where are all the Short eared Owls? Is the management on the land only missing cattle with all sheep removed?

This news from Orkney suggests that land management is the key but there are no game keepers on Orkney! Radio tagging of Hen Harriers show that most birds are taken out in winter not just in spring when territories are being made. The petition in England has very little support. Who is telling the big wigs in the RSPB not to push it? Is it that little set of individuals that do funny hand shakes and can not survive in this world on their own!

Dave Dick’s book seemed to point the finger at these funny men. Why did some police tell the keepers that trouble was coming while others went to the Wall. In my case the police sergeant was involved with the shoot and told me direct that he would not get involved with the case while banging his fist on all the documents related to the case!!

Why was I kept out of the court case by both the RSPB and the police? Why were shooters members of the magistrate. We lost 2 – 1.

Britain certainly seems at a cross roads. The recession will let many businesses fall while others scrape through. This will be a big test for Wildlife tourism. With little money in the economy will people still go to Mull and foreign trips to exotic places where the money is vital to save species and the human race? Will the membership of organisations fall as money is tight? Can the 15% fall out of members in many organisations be recovered each year? Where are these new members going to come from? Certainly not the working class as jobs fail, fuel prices rise and money gets even tighter.

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Wildlife is an inspiration to many with a brain. Too many it does not cost a lot to look at Peregrines taking up in the big cities with 20 pairs already in London removing the feral pigeons let loose by these so-called ‘pigeon fanciers’ costing each town and city a total of £millions to clean up the mess with no money coming from the people whose birds they came from!

Will the rat poison run out when the public and council realise that cats, birds of prey, Polecats, Stoats and Weasels will do it for free. £200 million each year is needed for damage to agriculture, horticulture and private gardens by rabbits. ‘Predators wanted’ will be on the sign. Game keepers given spades not guns to plant millions of trees to capture carbon making new habitats. The only war needed is to take Switzerland and empty its banks of all that ‘criminal’ money. Yes things are looking better already.

John Miles

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  • harrier man

    I am very irritated at present, the RSPBs membership at over a million how many have signed the petition? It is of course a personal thing to sign with one swoop we can have the 100,000 signitures if the RSPB membership get thier fingers out.

  • paul williams

    8000+ signatures is rather disappointing.

    • Jack

      Sorry I am unable to be more specific, but someone should ask Ian Grindy why he is keeping quite about the reason the pair of eagle owls in the Whitendale valley were forced to abandon their territory this year.

  • paul williams

    Someone should also ask why NE/RSPB/UU field workers use intimidating tactics towards members of the public that are innocently parked on the public road when visiting the Bowland Forest.

  • Tom

    The first sign there was of a problem this year with the Bowland eagle owls was the non closure of the lower footpath running along the river below the nest site, but this clue was missed by everyone. The truth behind the disappearance of the pair was a result of mismanagement and apathy. The nesting attempt was bound to fail after United Utilities permitted a shoot on the hillside where two nesting scrapes had been located. After the owlets were allowed to starve to death at the second nest two years ago, it must now be clear to everyone Ian Grindy does not want eagle owls on the estate he manages. Putting it bluntly, this was a simple way to get rid of the pair without anyone being any the wiser. Did NE and the RSPB support this action?

    • Admin

      Raptor Politics has decided to respond to the two unsolicited comments we have been sent regarding the possible displacement of the pair of Eagle Owls from the Whitendale valley. In the absence of any additional supporting evidence we must take what has been alleged on face value. If the comments prove to be true the pair in all probability may have already relocated away from their historical nesting site to a safer nesting location. If this turns out to be the case, there is a very good chance the pair may by now have gone down on eggs; we just hope this is the case but only time will tell. In the meantime we should give the birds time to incubate their eggs without any unwarranted disturbance in the sincere hope any owlets produced manage to fledge successfully.

      If anyone has any additional information they would wish to share with us, please feel free to send this information to us at any time using the confidential contact us link. Keep watching this space.

  • This news has broken my heart, why oh why don’t these greedy evil people stop and think, why can’t they see the beauty in these wonderful owls? Answer. Because they are blinded by the sight of all the money that will line their pockets,. I would also like some answers but as none of them would know the truth if it jumped up and bit them and also the truth would show them up for what they are they want it kept hidden, wasn’t that the very reason the NWRPG had their licenses to monitor on Bowland’s raptors taken away? at least when they were monitoring the raptors up there the truth came out, but this was the only way to silence them because the truth didn’t make United Utilities look good.

    It is also very obvious that the people who are supposed to be monitoring and watching over these owls are failing miserably, who’s pockets are they in that is what I would like to know.

    It is no good me ringing Ian Grindy as it was made very clear to me that he was forbidden to speak with me, can anyone get to the bottom of this? I hope that the EEO’s are okay, has anyone seen them? and more importantly if this is UU land why was a shoot allowed there when they knew these owls were about to breed? I think we know the answer to the last question don’t we, what a devious and underhanded lot they all seem to be.

  • nirofo

    I wonder why NE have still not seen fit to give the Eagle Owls Schedule One protection status, any other extremely scarce breeding Raptor would have been given it automatically. I know this doesn’t make them immune from persecution, far from it, however it does give them legal protection making it an offence to disturb the birds in their nesting territory during the breeding season without a disturbance licence.

    Editor’s comment. Perhaps when the last hen harrier has disappeared from England’s moorlands, this possibility may receive some support from NE.

  • che

    Admin, After the demise of the Hen Harriers and Peregrine Falcons last year in the Forest of Bowland, I do not believe there is a “safe” nesting location for the Eagle Owls at all, just look what happened at Geltsdale. Nowhere is safe whilst protection is non-existent and licenses restricted to a few who are told to keep their mouths shut.

  • Owlman

    Che, Not all is lost.