RSPB confirm their complete support for the Vicarious Liability e-petition

If the Vicarious Liability e-petition launched by Mrs Chrissie Harper manages to reach the 100,000 signatures by September this year there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind this achievement will be the result of the continued efforts being made by one person, Mark Avery.

Throughout the last 5 months Mark has thrown his full weight behind the petition in an attempt to gain as much public support as possible. Thanks to Mark we are now informed the RSPB are willing to provide their might in support of the petition and according to a report in Mark’s latest Blog the Society have stated they not only fully support the petition they hope and expect to exceed the 100,000 threshold to trigger a parliamentary debate.

Mark has also provided additional publicity for the e-petition within his latest article published this moth in Bird Watch magazine, that must be good for a further 30,000 signatures, lets just hope so as we need to see a marked increase in support over the forthcoming summer months to achieve our goal before the autumn dead-line.

To read what Mark Avery has to say follow the link below to his latest Blob

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