Dead Horses used to poison raptors in Greece

Via European Raptors: Biology and Conservation:-

Two days ago in the SPA GR 112004 Nestos Gorge, in the ruins of an abandoned village, staff of the west Rodopes National park authority discovered two dead horses, deliberately killed and laced with poison (a white substance powder). The one that looked fresher was skinned skillfuly and the poison was spread on muscles and soft tissues. The count so far totals

  • 1 adult and 1 immature griffon
  • 3 adult and 1 immature golden eagles (two of them just consumed remains)
  • 1 common buzzard still biting a beakful of bait

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2 comments to Dead Horses used to poison raptors in Greece

  • Jimmy

    This sick culture of randomly poisoning wildlife makes protecting large raptors probably the most challenging issue for conservationists in Europe and beyond.

  • @Jimmy. You are right. This is difficult. Similar to protected large carnivores like wolves, tigers or pumas.
    Some people just hate predators like wolves or eagles and it will be almost impossible to convince some fanatics.
    This is like convincing a creationist that evolution is a fact.

    Some people can’t be convinced that raptors are important are worthy of protection. Those people who still kill them should be sent to prison.