Skydancer – a new way forward for hen harriers and grouse shooting?

[singlepic id=291 w=118 h=118 float=left]The Skydancer project may just be getting started but as many of us know, the need to conserve and protect hen harriers in England is nothing new. Though their diet mainly comprises meadow pipits and field voles, hen harriers will occasionally take red grouse and it is recognised that in certain […]

FIRST UPDATE – OPERATION WILDERNESS – Devon & Cornwall Constabulary

Covert cameras were deployed at an occupied peregrine territory by Police officers involved in Operation Wilderness at a secret location on the Devon south coast on the 15th March 2012. Within 48 hrs images were received from the camera which showed 2 males approaching the nest site spending a short time at a ledge which […]

Forest of Bowland – The RSPB’s “raptor team” being protected by a Schedule 1 licensed monopoly.

There have been big changes in the Forest of Bowland in recent years; the major upset is the continued demise of the hen harrier despite hundreds of thousands of tax payer’s money being spent to conserve this single iconic specie. Last year successful breeding pairs were reduced to just 4 in the whole of England.


Bowland Eagle Owls reported safe, but are there two pairs this season?

Contrary to previous comments posted on the Raptor Politics web site earlier this month it seems the pair of eagle owls nesting in the Whitendale valley are safe and doing very well. It now appears despite rumours and misleading information indicating the pair had been displaced by the activities of a shooting syndicate around Christmas, […]

RSPCA officers find 21 perfectly preserved wild birds in jars stuffed in freezer at man’s home

RSPCA officers investigating allegations of wild bird trapping at a house were left horrified after finding scores of birds dead in a freezer. Christopher Searle had 21 dead birds stored in jars and 16 live wild birds at his home in Braunton, Devon.

The birds found in his possession included greenfinches, chaffinches, a bullfinch, a […]

Pigeon Fanciers Establish The “Raptor Alliance”.

Over the last few weeks there has been some interesting discussion on Mark Avery’s blog with regards to Pigeon Fancying and raptors, in particular Peregrine Falcon and Sparrowhawk.


Red kite found poisoned near Pickering

POLICE have called for help in catching the people who poisoned a rare bird of prey found near Pickering.

A dog walker rescued a red kite after it was poisoned in woodland at Cawthorn Roman Camps. It is now being cared for at Ryedale Wildlife Rehabilitation.

The bird of prey had become so rare it […]

Road to nowhere!!

In 2007 at a Hen Harrier meeting set up by the Duke of Westminster, the duke told Ian Grindy, Bowland Estate Manager, United Utilities, that the water authority’s Bowland estate was the worst managed estate in northern England. Game keepers were needed to manage the land the duke suggested. Ian replied with the fact that […]

RSPB Breeding success for Orkney Hen Harriers

Conservationists are hailing the breeding success of Hen Harriers on Orkney as the population has reached a 20-year high of 100 breeding females producing over 100 chicks — a remarkable recovery for the species, which is facing tough challenges in other parts of the UK. The resurgence on Orkney of the Hen Harrier, a red-listed […]

Numbers of Raptors confirmed poisoned in Scotland in 2011 down by 50%

The drop in poisoning incidents throughout Scotland comes before new laws making landowners liable for persecution undertaken by their gamekeepers. There were 10 poisoning incidents in 2011 involving 16 dead birds of prey, roughly half the 22 incidents recorded the year before, which involved 28 deaths by poisoning.