The Scottish Gamekeepers Association – Crow Cages & Raptor Monitors

The latest offering published by the Scottish Gamekeepers Association written by Bert Burnett is well worth a read in our view. You will learn how to quickly and humanly despatch corvids by breaking the necks of birds which have been legally trapped. Mr Burnett then goes on to talk about  the possibility that, as many raptors are worth thousands of pounds on the black market (Mr Bernett may we ask who has been feeding you with such utter rubbish), some unaccountable raptor worker could remove chicks or eggs, we presume for self profit. Surely such a practice would be illegal, and we doubt if there would be sufficient raptor numbers to steal on grouse moors  anywhere in Scotland anyway.

 We at Raptor Politics feels that what the shooting fraternity has to say about such matters is very illuminating, so the complete story can be followed here.

6 comments to The Scottish Gamekeepers Association – Crow Cages & Raptor Monitors

  • Falcoscot

    Comments that wild raptors have a high commercial value is absolute nonsense and anyone trying to pedal that myth is being extremely irresponsible. You may not go to prison for killing raptors in this country but you almost certainly will for taking them out of the wild and selling them.

    Editor’s comment, This is the point we have been making, very illogical but true none the less.

  • Circus maximus

    I have yet to see a falconer fly a harrier….maybe its because they dont?

  • George Murdoch

    I had occasion to “out” Mr. Bert Burnett in The Dundee Courietr and Advertiser a few years back. He had been continually sending letters to the newspaper containing propognda and allegations against the wildlife lobby, while ommitting to mention his position in the SGA. I used to live on the same estate that he worked on and found him a person who dressed things up to suit his own point of view. Take what he says with a pinch of salt.

  • paul williams

    There are people who will succumb to financial temptation in ALL walks of life. Let us not be so naive.

  • che

    Big statement Paul, Then again if Natural England can turn a blind eye so can gamekeepers.