National Trust pours cold water on chairman’s recent anti-wind power comments

Oh Dear Oh Dear, it appears Sir Simon Jenkins, Chairman of the National Trust has set the cat amongst the pigeons, for according to Adam Vaughan of the Gardian newspaper The National Trust has moved to distance itself from anti-wind power comments made by its high-profile chairman this week.

Sir Simon Jenkins is a long-standing opponent of wind power and the subsidies paid to support this form of renewable energy. But this week he claimed that the conservation charity, which has publicly backed renewable energy, shared his views. “Broadly speaking, the National Trust is deeply sceptical of this form of renewable energy “ he told the Daily Telegraph this week in an interview.

But now a spokesman for the trust said (Tuesday) that “our chairman has long-held views on wind that don’t necessarily chime with our current views as an organisation on wind”. Asked if it was true that the organisation was “deeply sceptical” about wind, the spokesman said: “No, our position hasn’t changed on renewable energy.”

Responding to the interview yesterday, Peter Nixon, director of conservation at the trust said: “The National Trust’s position remains unchanged. We have a duty to protect beautiful places, and believe that any wind energy proposal should be located and designed on a scale that avoids compromising these.”

Sir Simon Jenkins’s comments follow attacks on wind power by 101 Conservative and Liberal MPs last month, who wrote to David Cameron urging him to “dramatically cut the subsidy” for onshore windfarms. Last week the billionaire Donald Trump also renewed his ongoing campaign against an offshore windfarm proposed near the location for his luxury golf resort in Aberdeenshire, accusing the Scottish first minister, Alex Salmond, of being “hell-bent on destroying Scotland’s coastline” and saying he would halt work on his resort until ministers made a decision on the turbines.

Read the Gardian Report by Adam Vaughan in full here.



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