Wind Turbines are a “public menace” according to Sir Simon Jenkins Chairman of the National Trust.

[singlepic id=329 w=368 h=450 float=left]Turbines are a ‘public menace’ and wind is the ‘least efficient’ renewable power, claims Sir Simon Jenkins Chairman of the National Trust. Sir Simon also says the Trust will cut its own energy use with water power and biomass boilers. We feel it’s a pity Sir Simon, as Chairman of the National Trust, has  in the past shown his open hostility towards protected raptors. Birds of prey are ‘cannibals’ and ‘avian terrorists’ according to Jenkins and he bought the unecological arguments of the anti-nature lobby that birds of prey are wiping out songbirds and red grouse. The article was cleverly written but ecologically ignorant and the great thing was the comments it attracted. Click here for more information.

While the National Trust officially continues to support ‘a major increase in the UK’s renewable energy generation’, it is currently fighting several plans for wind farms, including one to erect a massive 417 wind turbines in the Bristol Channel.

The trust is concerned about the impact of the 220m (721ft) turbines on the environment and on views of the coastline.

The trust remains committed to its target to cut energy use by 50 per cent by 2020, but Sir Simon told the Daily Telegraph this would largely be achieved through water power and biomass boilers, making the most of the acres of rivers and woodlands under its ownership.

The revelation could be a major a blow to the Coalition government, which has recently come to blows with the Trust over plans to reform planning law.

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  • norma kempster

    SDLt – stop dorcas lane turbines. Application by Force9/EDF for 4 125m high industrial turbines across the Vale of Aylesbury. Fought by SDLT for more than 18 months, refused permission by Aylesbury Vale Dis. Council on 20th March 2013.
    I totally agree with Simon Jenkins, inefficient, desecrates wildlife, property prices plummet, cause serious health which ruin lives, has created no British jobs. The annual £billion subsidy paid by public through taxes and fuel bills – with no benefit from turbines. Only greedy land owners and turbine companies make vast profits.