Trump congratulates Sir Simon Jenkins, Chairman of the National Trust.

[singlepic id=459 w=300 h=400 float=left]In a second broad side against wind farm proliferation, the American tycoon Donald Trump has now sent his personal congratulations to Sir Simon Jenkins for his recent outspoken stand against wind farm development throughout the United Kingdom. You can read Mr Trump latest letter here.

What ever anyone thinks about the way Mr Trump does business, we should consider that while proposed plans for his Scottish Hotel and golf course resort may be potentially damaging to that part of Scotland’s east coast, his proposals fall a great deal shorter than the overall environmental damage wind farm proliferation is causing to Britain’s Natural Heritage and the finite wildlife resourses they displace and destroy.

Danald, we at Raptor Politics prey you open with an “Eagle” when you first play your course. KEEP UP THE PRESSURE, otherwise this may be the only Eagle  available for anyone to appreciate in Scotland!

Reported Environmental damage in the USA (including bird deaths)

103 cases of environmental damage have been reported – the majority since 2007. This is perhaps due to a change in legislation or new reporting requirement. All involved damage to the site itself, or reported damage to or death of wildlife. 44 instances reported here include confirmed deaths of protected species of bird. Deaths, however, are known to be far higher. At the Altamont Pass windfarm alone, 2400 protected golden eagles have been killed in 20 years, and about 10,000 protected raptors (Dr Smallwood, 2004). In Germany, 32 protected white tailed eagles were found dead, killed by wind turbines (Brandenburg State records). In Australia, 22 critically endangered Tasmanian eagles were killed by a single windfarm (Woolnorth).

Further detailed information which is worth reading can be found at:

Eagles and wind farms : mortality statistics

 Chilling Statistics – Birds & Windfarms – A COMPILATION OF CREDIBLE BIRD MORTALITY REPORTS.



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