Mark Avery Standing up for Nature – THE NATURE OF HARMING AWARD

Mark Avery is asking on his Blog which group of people of organisation do you feel should have their contributions to the loss of wildlife in the UK specially recognised? Mark points out the new ‘award’ attempts to recognise the massive contributions made to the loss of wildlife.

This is a very interesting poll because in many ways each of the 3 choices Mark has provided have in one way or another each contributed to the loss of wildlife in our country. There is no doubt for example the coalition government appear to have placed the interests of our wildlife heritage very low down the scale of important environmental issues, cutting budgets failing to live up to their manifesto commitments as the greenest government ever ect., ect.

There appears to be a correlation between the collapse of song bird populations throughout our countryside and intensive farming practices which has resulted in the destruction or loss of important wildlife habitats, but is the National Farmers Union responsible?

Last but by no means least, the persecution by gamekeepers over many generations of game predating raptors, for example hen harrier, goshawk and peregrine throughout huge areas England’s uplands. It is by no means coincidental the hen harrier is now conspicuous on red grouse moorland today by its total absence on 99% of England’s northern moorlands.

These are the three choices Mark is inviting you to vote for.

  1. The coalition government
  2. The National Farmers Union
  3. Gamekeepers who harm wildlife

To read what Mark has to say and place your vote click here.

Who gets your vote?

1 comment to Mark Avery Standing up for Nature – THE NATURE OF HARMING AWARD

  • paul williams

    Difficult one this, I went for the coalition government,It is up to them to make sure the law of the land is stringently enforced.