In China, the true cost of Britain’s clean, green wind power experiment: Pollution on a disastrous scale.

This toxic poisonous desert that remains is destroying the lives of Chinese farmers, their children and their land. It is what’s left behind after making the magnets for Britain’s latest wind turbines… and, as a special Live investigation by the Mail on-line reveals, is merely one of a multitude of environmental sins committed in the name of our new green Jerusalem. Britain’s government should be ashamed of the catastrophe taking place in China in the name of green power here in the UK.

We urge every one to take a few minutes to read this important article. We should also ask ourselves is the price in human misery, environmental destruction and the loss of our wildlife heritage worth this horrendous sacrifise?

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3 comments to In China, the true cost of Britain’s clean, green wind power experiment: Pollution on a disastrous scale.

  • nirofo

    I’ve said for years the true cost of windfarms in both terms of money wasted and harm to the environment is far greater than all the greenies put together would ever admit to. The only thing that windfarms are good for is profit for the manufacturers, the windfarm companies, the landowners and lets not forget brownie points for the politicians. The government of course gets off by proclaiming, “LOOK HOW GREEN WE ARE”, they’re certainly green alright if they think that windfarms will ever cut it in the power output stakes, we will still need full back up from nuclear and fossil fuel power stations to meet our ever growing need for electricity. If they continue building these monstrous windfarms at the rate they are building them now, then in another 10 years time there will be hardly anywhere in the UK where you are not surrounded by them, what hope for the environment then.

  • nirofo

    For an insight into the true cost to our environment a read of the following PDF article might throw some light onto a poorly lit subject.

    O.K, I know it’s about a particular windfarm, but it applies to the majority of windfarms built or proposed to be built in the UK.

  • paul williams

    Giant wind turbine planned for M5
    A WIND turbine as big as Big Ben could be installed just off a motorway junction at Worcester.