England’s Barn Owls making a welcome comeback

Good new at least for one of England’s raptors. It is being reported by the RSPB that Barn owls in England are recovering after decades of decline thanks to wildlife-friendly farming.  The RSPB have recently confirmed the birds are making a comeback after years of decline caused by the intensification of agriculture.

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1 comment to England’s Barn Owls making a welcome comeback

  • I have to disagree with the RSPB’s statement with regard to the Barn Owl, although they are doing better in some areas they are still in decline and there is no sign of this changing in the foreseeable future. The severe weather we have experienced over the last two years has not helped these iconic owls with hundreds dying during the heavy snowfalls, also the loss of rough grassland and wild flower meadows has also seen a decline in the vole populations.

    With the increasing population needing more and more homes and many homes having more than one vehicle the building of large housing estates and larger motorways are also have a negative impact , no habitat, no food, no food no owls, a vicious circle. A large number of Barn Owls are injured and killed by motor vehicles and also hit by trains as they hunt the grass verges and railway embankments.

    Ingesting poison through the food chain is also a problem especially for Barn Owls who set up residence on farms where rodents are poisoned and many drown in water troughs and uncovered water butts.
    We have provided nesting boxes for Barn Owls locally and have the added problem of Stock Doves and Feral Pigeons taking over these boxes on a regular basis.

    Although many farmers are becoming more wildlife friendly and want to do all they can to encourage The Farmers Best Friend onto their properties there is a long way to go before anyone can honestly say that things are on the up for the Barn Owl.