Derbyshire gamekeeper appeal against conviction started at Derby Crown Court yesterday

[singlepic id=449 w=149 h=270 float=left]A Derbyshire gamekeeper who was convicted of several wildlife crimes in June this year has now launched an appeal against his conviction. The basis for the appeal is not known at this time. Raptor Politics has surmised this may have more to do the shooting tenant’s wish to retain the shooting rights granted by the National Trust. If the appeal is unsuccessful, it seems most likely the shooting tenancy will be revoked by the land owner. Inside information has revealed, even if Brown’s conviction is quashed, it is most unlikely Brown will retain his job as he was seen to let the side down – by getting caught red-handed: Read the complete story which includes video interviews with the RSPB here.

Readers will recall Glenn Brown a Derbyshire gamekeeper who was recently convicted at Chesterfield Magistrates Court of seven offences under the Wildlife and Countryside Act after a 10-day hearing. Brown was also ordered to pay costs of £10,000 and carry out 100 hours community service for attempting to trap and kill birds of prey.

An RSPB under-cover surveillance team filmed Brown using a cage trap which had been baited with a live domestic pigeon on the grouse-shooting estate in the upper Derwent valley on Howden Moors in the Peak District national park. The shooting estate where Brown worked is owned by the National Trust but leased to a third-party. The white homing pigeon had been secretly marked by the RSPB team and later traced back to Brown’s coop.

Brown, 39, of Old Henry’s Schoolhouse,Derwent Valley, has been head gamekeeper on the estate since 1996.

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Raptors continue to be persecuted on a majority of Red Grouse moors

throughout England’s uplands.

The RSPB said it had become increasingly concerned in the past decade about the poor breeding success of birds of prey in the northern Peak District. In 2006, the Society produced the report Peak Malpractice which outlined its concerns in relation to goshawks and peregrine falcons on the north-east Peak moors.

Since then, the breeding success of both species has collapsed in the adjacent Derwent Valley, prompting the undercover investigation leading to this court case. Further detail including video footage of Brown available here.

3 comments to Derbyshire gamekeeper appeal against conviction started at Derby Crown Court yesterday

  • nirofo

    What’s the betting he gets away with it.

    Editor’s comment, whether he get off or not, it will have cost the tax payer a lot of money one way or another. We at RP are inclined to think the conviction will stand unless strings have been pulled.

  • Alastair Henderson

    In a recent appeal held at Plymouth Crown court in a case involving the infringement of regulations under the WLCA 1981 [selling a captive bred Goshawk which had not been registered] the appelant had his fine reduced significantly due to hardship. Perhaps it is the aim in this case to attempt to mitigate the impact of the original fine. Yet again the tax payer foots the bill for the procedings no doubt!

  • rob

    If i come across this stupendous looking twat….i will cut his nuts off.

    Editor’s Comment. Rob if you wish to watch this Derbyshire gamekeeper in action watch the attached BBC IPlayer clip which can only be viewed for the next 7 days.