MEP: Buy British eggs to protect animal welfare

A Scottish MEP has urged consumers to buy British eggs amid health welfare concerns that nearly a quarter of eggs from elsewhere in the EU will be produced from illegally caged hens. You can read the full story here.

[singlepic id=448 w=410 h=230 float= left]The article goes on to point out only UK-produced eggs can guarantee that hens were not kept in illegal cages, says Scottish Lib Dem MEP. The reasoning behind this story suggests that buying British eggs will protect animal welfare. Well yes perhaps there is some justified logic to this press campaign where hen are concerned. However, it’s a completely different story when the image of a nesting pair of UK hen harriers is used to justify the point being made. We have taken the liberty of including a copy of the hen harrier image used in the press article.

2 comments to MEP: Buy British eggs to protect animal welfare

  • John Miles

    The knowledge of some of these MPs/MEPs makes you wonder who voted for them! If it is best for hens to buy ‘British’ well what do you buy to save Hen Harrier? – Answers on a post card to —-

  • paul williams

    Please check the stamp on your eggs at the shops, if it has a hen harrier stamp on them Please don’t buy them as they are almost certain made in China!