The poisoning continues – Red Kite found poisoned in East Ayrshire.

Yet another red kite has been confirmed poisoned in Scotland. The body of a red kite was found in September at a special protection area in Ayrshire. The red kite described as “one of north Scotland’s most adventurous kites” has been found poisoned by a banned pesticide.

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The kite had been fitted with a satellite transmitter attached to its back shortly after fledging on the Black Isle this summer.

RSPB Scotland became worried when the satellite transmission showed the kite had remained stationary close to  Muirkirk in East Ayreshire for several days in September.

Its carcass was later found close to the Muirkirk and North Lowther Hills special protection area of moorland (SPA).

Tests carried out at a government laboratory showed it had been poisoned by a banned pesticide.

RSPB Scotland investigations officer Ian Thomson said: “The poisoning of this red kite is just the latest incident of bird of prey persecution in and around the special protection area, particularly involving hen harriers and peregrines.

“The populations of hen harrier in particular are declining alarmingly in this area. Only a few years ago there were 21 pairs of hen harriers in the area – now we are down to a mere handful.”

Anyone with information has been urged to contact the Strathclyde police.

The RSPB have now issued a press release which can be found here:

3 comments to The poisoning continues – Red Kite found poisoned in East Ayrshire.

  • paul williams

    Paul Williams shared a link.

    The raptor haters – Richard Ingrams | | Mark AveryMark Avery
    Richard Ingrams finds red kites ‘menacing‘, ‘savage‘ and ‘unlikeable‘ and is ‘pleased to see a picture of a dead one‘. Every three years or so he dips his pen in poison and is really nasty about these magnificent birds.

  • Kevin Beck

    Shocking! Why is this still a problem in this area? Just as worrying, what is happening to our Harriers? Is anything being done to stop this or is it going to be another species that gets chopped off the list for this area?

    We have already seen species such as Dunlin, Ringed Plover,Golden Plover, Curlew, Lapwing, Short Eared Owl, Black Grouse,Reed Bunting,Skylark….need i go on, drop like a lead baloon! Is the RSPB doing anything??? Please correct me if i’m wrong.