Numbers of game shot increases, but still we hear calls from the SGA for the licensed control of raptors.

The shooting fraternity continue to make their case  for controlling  raptor numbers throughout the UK at a time when game birds shot have broken records. Who is kidding who?

This is what the Chairman of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association had to say recently on his blog:

“We are also urging government to look again at the buzzard licensing. I strongly believe that Scotland’s wildlife would benefit enormously if the powers that be could make a start in managing our biodiversity rather than protecting it all the time!”

What these imbeciles seem unable to comprehend is that Buzzard (and other predators) are a part of our biodiversity.

They really can’t see that their continual demands to be allowed to kill protected wildlife in the name of their “sport” is seen by many as greed and increases the divide they talk so eloquently about wanting to close, even after a fantastic year they close on a note calling for controls of protected raptors.

We can be sure that the “sport” of raptor hating has had another good year, though I hope that those involved are feeling the effects of the increased bad publicity, the extra efforts being made by the raptor workers of the UK and finally the excellent reports that are being written using the wealth of data and information that is becoming increasingly available from within these groups, reports such as this Peregrine paper by Dr Amar

I’ve started looking at the Goshawk nesting data for this and surrounding areas for the last 15 or so years, I wonder what that will show us. I am certain that its not going to make enjoyable reading for anyone who has an interest in birds of prey.

It will be interesting to see it alongside the data of the Peak Nestwatch project (monitoring Goshawk and other raptors in the Upper Derwent Valley) which has recorded only 2 fledged young Goshawk this year and just 1 last year.

Around 25 pairs of Goshawk are missing presumed dead plus of course any dispersed young birds, anyone got any suggestions as to where they went or why they suddenly stopped being successful in this area? it makes for very bleak reading.

Mike Price

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  • Jimmy

    This from the people who claim that Scottish eagles are a threat to kids – hopefully such nonsense will allways be treated with the contempt in deserves!!

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