United Utilities provides security camera at secure peregrine nest.

The hen harrier after all is now regarded by the RSPB and presumably Natural England as most threatened and endangered raptor in England. It is difficult to understand why some form of limited technology was not used from the beginning in Derbyshire as the threats to previous hen harrier nests in this location were well known.

Taking into consideration the Hen Harrier Recovery Project has so far cost the tax payer hundreds of thousands of pounds with nothing but failure to show at the end of ten years, a few hundred pounds spent protecting the Goyt pair would have been a drop in the ocean. With foresight and common sense the cost of installing a reasonable security system could have paid huge dividends and may have at least resulted in the identification of those responsible for this outrage.

I would like to ask why the RSPB in cooperation with United Utilities considered it more important to install at least one security camera overlooking a ground nesting Peregrine site located on their estates in the Forest of Bowland this year? This seems totally illogical and a complete waste of valuable resources as the nest has no prior history of human interference. More to the point, importantly this particular nesting pair of peregrines have never been subjected to persecution of any kind in the long period they have nested at this moorland location.

If those partners involved in the installation of the security system at a peregrine site considered this species worth protecting with technology, why was the same consideration not extended to a much rarer and important species on the brink of extinction on their estates in Derbyshire I wonder?

This story was supplied to Raptor Politics by a person who wishes to remain anonymous due to his limited working relationship with United Utilities

4 comments to United Utilities provides security camera at secure peregrine nest.

  • chrissie harper

    Typical isn’t it Mike, they are always shutting the door after the horse has bolted, I find this is typical of both organisations.
    I have to congratulate the RSPB though for catching and prosecuting Glenn Brown who sadly is giving the honest and decent gamekeepers out there a very bad name, in my opinion custodial sentences and hefty fines for their employers is the way forward here, while selfish, greedy people like Brown are at large what hope is there for any of us to trust and work with the decent people out there?

  • paul williams

    NWRPG would have monitored the peregrine site for free, in so doing would have released the money to be spent elsewhere….however…you know the rest.

  • Wrybill

    Putting a camera into a nest too early in the incubation period is not without risk and could cause failure.

    Bearing in mind RSPB and NE are being held responsible on this website for the Derbyshire nest’s failure (despite the fact it could have been a fox), can you imagine the outrage if they were indeed responsible?!

    Damned if you do…damned if you don’t.

  • skydancer

    Well Paul, it is easier for the RSPB and UU to spend money on a camera overlooking a secure peregrine nest, than to have the NWRPG in bowland exposing persecution and bad practice.