£2.6 million pay out to Scottish wind farms NOT to produce energy in May

Monday 13th June 2011- Renewable Energy Foundation (REF) reported that four energy companies were paid to switch off turbines on 16 occasions in May. The most expensive shutdown occurred on May 24, when seven wind farms came off-line for a total of 69 hours at a cost to the grid of £613,000. This includes over £150,000 in May to Milennium wind farm on the Corbett Meall Dubh. Raptor Politics is gravely concerned about the ever-increasing encroachment into wilder areas of the Scottish Highlands as they are important area for wildlife and  eco tourism which takes place within these important habitats.

This push into remoter area is a result of political policy and until there is a critical mass of the electorate questioning this policy with their elected members this creep will continue to accelerate to meet the targets set by the current Scottish Government.

It seems April was an expensive month as well http://www.ref.org.uk/publications/231-high-rewards-for-wind-farms-discarding-electricity-5th-6th-april-2011

Don’t forget that we are paying for this as the energy companies are charging us to subsidize these windfarm developments.

4 comments to £2.6 million pay out to Scottish wind farms NOT to produce energy in May

  • jock scott

    I’m confused as to why your tag line reads “Are England’s birds of prey really protected by law?”
    A large proportion of your posts seem to relate to Scottish raptor politics.
    Should you change this title to “Great Britains” or “The United Kingdom’s”?

  • Circus maximus

    Windfarms are all about making rapid profit from subsidy, the green energy aspect is an incedental.

    Re the title…the problem is driven by a bunch of folk who do not respect national boundarys and implemented by a bunch of folk who dont care about national and international laws.
    Ironically the birds dont respect borders either….but they are just the victims…

  • Lyndsey

    For those of you who are not sure about the amount of bird attrition due to wind farms check this out from the excellent site http://www.wind-watch.org – where you will find more about this subject from all over the world.