Skibo estate worker prosecuted for Carbofuran possession

Dean Barr, 44, of Clashmore, Dornoch, admitted possessing 10kg of Carbofuran – enough illegal poison to “wipe out the entire Scottish golden eagle and red kite populations several times over”.

“Despite the find, the Crown accepted Barr had no part in the deaths of two golden eagles and a sparrow hawk found on the estate in May 2010.” Can anybody remind me what poison they died from?

Full story – BBC


7 comments to Skibo estate worker prosecuted for Carbofuran possession

  • John

    Who paid his huge legal bill?
    Who paid his fine?
    Who gave him promotion instead of the sack?

    He was not Short changed!

  • Circus maximus

    Vicarious responsibility?

  • John Miles

    I have just come back from Mull tonight. Eagles everywhere and so were bird watchers. These Red Grouse moors are no go areas and taking large amounts of money out of the public purse and denying the majority their inheritance. What shall we do to stop them harming us?

  • John Miles

    I have a picture of a tawny owl caught in a tunnel trap like the one used by this Moy estate so it shows that these traps have taken over from ‘pole’ traps which are now illegal.

  • John Miles

    Spring raptor camps for Uk has been suggested – It already happens at Geltsdale and Bowland and still Hen Harriers, Peregrines, Buzzards, Goshawks, Short eared Owls and Eagle Owls are killed. The only difference is that you watch from the RSPB side of the valley and they do what they want on their side of the valley. One of the biggest problems on these estates today is the tax free cash given to game keepers at the end of a shoot. If the guns do not have a good day, keepers loose out. Thats why Hen Harriers and Golden Eagles have to be killed in August and September as well so not to prevent the Red Grouse flying to the buts. May be it is time to ban ‘driven Red Grouse’ as this causes the biggest problems.

  • paul williams

    Thank you for speaking the truth John, we the members of the NWRPG tell the truth about what is happening in the Forest of Bowland…hence no license to monitor because of the persecution and very poor fieldwork we report. This season many of the raptor losses will go unreported backed by a policy adopted by Natural England to preserve their relationships with the regions estate owners who are now doing as they please.

  • nirofo

    Did anyone from the NWRPG heckle their local MP regarding the treatment they received from Natural England by refusing to grant them licences for no good reason this year, and if they did what was the outcome.