Wind Farms – The money bonanza for some.

The RSPB believe climate change will kill more birds than wind farms. For that reason, on the whole, they support wind energy.
Climate change – another can of worms and why we are in this ridiculous situation of unachievable renewable targets and the race for wind power. For every scientist the government wheel out telling us we are all doomed there is at least one more saying the planet is actually cooling, the ice flows are increasing – as is the polar bear population. Until the climate change issue is addressed and the building of wind farms is stopped our wild lands and the creatures that inhabit them are at serious risk.

The governments of the UK are hell bent on putting up thousands of turbines without realising the disastrous consequences of doing so. It is multi million pound business and who is going to be brave enough to say ‘we got it so very wrong’ ? Instead of heeding the other countries that are pulling back from wind power because they have found it too unreliable and they have wasted enough of their citizens money on it, our lot blunder blindly on destroying our environment. For what?  Precious little power when we need it most – on cold still winter days. This is big business and people are making a lot of money out of the subsidies paid.

The issue of bird attrition is hardly mentioned and denied it is a problem if it is. Everyone needs to write to their elected representatives ( ) and demand studies are done into raptor decline in areas where there are operational wind farms. If all the proposed developments go ahead in Scotland these birds don’t stand a chance. Look at the Highland Council’s own website under renewables and see the map and wind farms passed and in planning stage – it is truly frightening.

Applications are being rail roaded through with little consideration for the communities or the environment. Wind turbines are a highly visual way of saying ‘ look at what we are doing to combat climate change, reduce emissions and save the planet’. Anyone who looks at the pollution caused by the manufacture and installation of wind farms would be horrified. It seems the politicians can’t do that. It is heartbreaking for those of us who love the wild lands to see this happening and we seem powerless to stop it. The land owners and developers are getting richer (from money added onto our energy bills) and the politicians, it would appear, are getting stupider! This insanity needs stopping before it is too late and, among many other things, our raptor populations are decimated.

Submitted by Lyndsey

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  • Good post Lyndsey. This sounds like the pesticide scenario all over again, deny everything and blame something else.

    As for individuals or governments admitting they got it all wrong, even if this happened at some point in the future, the damage will have already been done.

    As well as looking awful, creating noise, and supplying very little power, these monstrosities are going to destroy our most treasured species. Why is it that the likes of us appear to be the only ones whom can see this.

    You state that the RSPB supports wind farms, does this sound like an organization that really cares for our native birds?


    Are we the only country where wind turbines do not kill our birds other counties all hold their hands up is it because our main conservationist have been on the take, species extinction is a serious issue; around the world we’re losing up to 40 a day.yet environmentalists are urging us to adopt technologies that are hastening this process.among the most destructive of these is wind power.every year in Spain alone-according to research by the conservation group SEO/ Birdlife-between 6 and 18 million birds and bats are killed by wind farms. this is going on in a lot of other counties. -our conservationist should come clean, about the money they are taking

  • paul williams

    Well put Carole,However, you will need an adjustable spanner to get a 50 pence piece out of a conservationists hand.

  • paul williams

    Controversial herring gull cull gets green light The environment secretary has ruled that the cull of the endangered sea birds on the Ribble Estuary can go ahead

  • paul williams

    After the ceremonial Gull cull in Bowland…What happened to the Raptors and Owls?????

  • Owlman

    3 Abandoned Eagle Owl sites, Peregrines territories abandoned on a massive scale bordering extinction, Hen Harriers all gone, this is the reality of the Forest of Bowland today under RSPB protection. Police and RSPB not interested in what is going on. Don’t hold your breath! And of course the gull and buzzard cull