On a Wing and a Prayer: five years of Derby’s Peregrines

When pesticides nearly wiped out the entire UK Peregrine Falcon population back in the 1960s, no one would have thought it possible that 50 years later they would be breeding in most major British cites, let alone that there would be 20 pairs in London! And when Peregrine Falcons arrived in Derby in 2004, few […]

Perthshire Estate Raided by Tayside Police

A county estate in Perthshire has been searched by Tayside police after two dead buzzards and bait were discovered. A 62 year old man was arrested and questioned by the police but was later released.

Tayside police had obtained a search warrant to undertake a search of a number of properties on the estate […]

The Future for Skydancers

[singlepic id=84 w=318 h=450 float=left]It is great to see such enthusiasm and optimism regarding the ‘Sky dancers given wings’ project. Raptor Politics sincerely hope that there is some level of success once this initiative is up and running. However, £317,000 will soon be swallowed up by the project – hopefully there will be backup funding […]

Scottish windfarm industry accused over misleading power claims

A study supported by the John Muir Trust conservation charity revealed that schemes metered by National Grid were producing less than 10% of their potential energy output for a third of the time.

Its author said the results of his two-year investigation contradicted claims by industry and government that windfarms were commonly running at 30% […]

Lottery Funding provided to help Hen Harriers on England’s Uplands.

[singlepic id=250 w=318 h=450 float=left]2011 skydancers given wings. Heritage lottery fund backs innovative upland bird of prey project. The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has awarded the RSPB a grant of over £300,000 to help secure the future of the hen harrier as a breeding bird in England (see note 1). This grant of £317,700 will […]

Teesside Racing Pigeon Group calls for United Campaign against Peregrine

North of England racing pigeon group members are calling for all National racing pigeon organisations in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales to unite in a concerted effort to counter the threat caused to their racing interests by the peregrine.

The full story can be read by following the attached link to a Teesside Pigeon Forum.


Irish Sea Eagle Killed by Wind Turbine

[singlepic id=156 w=318 h=450 float=left]A WHITE-TAILED sea eagle introduced to the Killarney National Park from Norway just three years ago has been found dead below a wind turbine near Kilgarvan, an area designated as suitable for wind farms in the Kerry county development plan.

Dr Allan Mee, project manager for the reintroduction project, said “although […]