James Marchington speaks out in support of Britain’s oldest Raptor Group

James Marchington well known and respected for his responsible attitude towards raptors has now given his support to the North West Raptor Protection Group, condemning the group’s treatment by Natural England and RSPB in his latest Blog. James also pours scorn on RSPB proposals to run hen harrier safaris in Bowland this year. James Marchington also asks his readers to enquire about the annual persecution of raptors taking place behind closed doors on the United Utilities Forest of Bowland estates. Last year for example half of all hen harrier nests on the UU estate failed while an additional 3 peregrine nests were plundered resulting in the loss of eggs and chicks for the third consecutive season.  To address these important issues Natural England, United Utilities and RSPB decided the responsible way forward was to suppress this information from becoming public knowledge. The simple way to acheive this aim was to silence the NWRPG by withdrawing their disturbance licenses in order to prevent group members in the future access to raptor nests throughout the UU estates. Prevent access to nesting sites, prevent persecution data being published on the Raptor Politics web site.

To read what James Marchington had to say follow the attached link.  http://jamesmarchington.blogspot.com/

2 comments to James Marchington speaks out in support of Britain’s oldest Raptor Group

  • nirofo

    James marchington seems a cut above the majority of the shooting fraternity, it appears he sees what goes on from both sides of the fence and doesn’t sit on it, he has sussed out what the likes of RSPB are really about. Pity some of the so-called birders who work for them haven’t sussed it yet, but then again maybe they have but are afraid to rock the boat in case they lose their jobs !!!


  • Paul Risley

    I think James is just taking an opportunity to have a sly dig at the RSPB. Its ok him having a go at them but what has the major shooting organisations done in regards to what is happening in Bowland, We’ve seen lists drawn up of Scottish estates that are allegedly against Raptor Persecution so what are the likes of BASC doing if anything to support theses members feelings. Having a quick look at the Shooting media’s outlook I can point you to Shooting Times this week and an article by Robin Page, usual anti Raptor rubbish being spouted “A plague of Marsh Harriers eating all and sundry” figures at the moment suggest there are in the region of 360 breeding females, please tell us were this plague is so I can go and get some photo’s, but I do think its strange no birding website has got even the slightest mention of this plague. “I like Hen Harriers but I like Lapwings and Curlew more” no problem there then is there, there are still more than 156,000 breeding pairs of Lapwing and 100,000 pairs of Curlew, yet only 800 pairs of Hen Harriers. Having wrote that he then delivers a maths lesson on how much damage to song birds, Grey Squirrel’s can do with a classic quote “Lets say each Grey eats the contents of four nests” Excuse me! But were did the 4 come from; he’s pulled a figure out of his head to make a point, how scientific is that. The Daily Sport would think twice about publishing this article but the Shooting Times give it two pages. Until Bowland gets treated the same way as Langholm, with the introduction of diversionary feeding to protect the young Grouse and all groups working together on a united front, we will carry on getting the same old stories of persecution year on year.