One of our Bassenthwaite Ospreys is missing

Last year two male osprey chicks successfully fledged from their tree top eyrie at Bassenthwaite in the English Lake District. Sadly having satellite tagged both male birds known as numbers 11 & 12, disappointingly osprey number 11 sadly disappeared off the radar some where in the Sahara just after New Years Day 2011. This is the strange but true story of what happened and how the final outcome was eventually uncovered

  • In July 2010 chick numbers 11 & 12  fitted with satellite transmitter.
  •  August 24th number 11 flying south is tracked just north of Birmingham
  •  August 29th number 11 tracked to Portugal where he stayed for a few days rest.
  •  In early September number 11 was already in the western Sahara in the Dahkla National Park
  •  In October number 11 was joined by his brother number 12
  •  By December number 11 began to explore the region with visits into Senegal and Mouritania
  •  On New Years day number 11 tracked to a beach side location
  •  Disappointment on 11th January, no signal for 10 days

It seems that over the next few months only a faint signal was picked up from a remote region near to Nouakchott in Mauritania..[singlepic id=227 w=200 h=200 float=right]

Following cooperation received from Dr Mohamed Abdellahi Ould Babah, Director General of the Centre de Lutte Antiacridienne and other conservation organisations in the Sahara region the remains of Osprey number 11 were finally tracked down.

The remains of Osprey number 11 were finally traced to the loft space of an isolated building, buried under a pile of discarded rubbish. The building and compound where the skeletal remains and tracker were discovered was being used by people from Nouakchott as a summering area for their stock. As the tracker had not been exposed to the sun its solar powered batteries were not being recharged which is why the signal was eventually lost all together. Thankfully from the last signal received the location of the building had already been established leading to the disappointing discovery.

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