Two Peregrines found poisoned in Motherwell

[singlepic id=237 w=358 h=320 float=right]Motherwell police are investigating  the deaths of two Peregrine Falcons which were poisoned with strychnine.The bodies of the dead peregrine falcons were found on separate occasions in the same spot at Coursington Tower, Motherwell, at 7am on February 16. The second body was discovered the next day in the same location at around 1pm.

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1 comment to Two Peregrines found poisoned in Motherwell

  • Mr Angry

    Having worked for some time in the west of scotland, especially around the Glasgow area, its no surprice to me that these beautiful birds have been poisoned. The whole place is renound for its pigeon fanciers, there are pigeon lofts dotted all around the schemes of east glasgow.

    It does’nt take a rocket scientist to work out the type of folk would poison the Peregrines in that area !