Natural England exposé coming here soon!

[singlepic id=294 w=320 h=240 float=right]Get the skinny on how this government quango operates in a totally biased and unethical way when it comes to licensing raptor workers in Bowland. Some words you might well be seeing are: duplicitous, morally bankrupt, disingenuous, vindictive, arrogant and plain stupid. Also ‘questions in the house’.

Thanks are due to whoever dreamed up the Freedom of Information Act that has been so useful in picking apart what has been going on. Also to the employee of another government quango who thought it was really cool to use his work email account for private use and gave us a back door into a further rich seam of information under the FoIA. Plonker!

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  • This should be interesting!

  • paul williams

    Very interesting

  • skydancer

    Bring it on, should make good reading !

  • Paul Wilkins

    I really look forward to reading this. If it is to be written by someone at the NWRPG then I also cant wait for similar articles about the inadequacies of United Utilities, the Police, all private estates in Bowland, the RSPB, the North of England Raptor Forum and almost all individual reptor workers outside of the NWRPG. Anyone starting to think that maybe, just maybe, it might be the NWRPG at fault rather than absolutely everyone else?

  • skydancer

    And what exactly are they at fault for Paul ?

  • Daniel Marsden

    As Chairmen of the North West Raptor Protection group Mr. Wilkins, I would ask you to clarify your statement quite clearly if you would be so kind?

    What background and experience you have within the field of raptors and more importantly their protection/conservation?

    The reason for this request is quite simple, as obvious as it is to see that there are serious political issues in Bowland, there is more than good reason for claims made by members of the group! The old analogy of no smoke without fire should ring loud and clear.

    There have been SERIOUS short-comings and monumentous catastrophes made by all bodies mentioned within your statement above except the NWRPG! All resulting in nesting failures of schedule 1 and non schedule 1 protected species. Members of my group have their ears close to the ground and fingers FIRMLY upon the pulse. Why I ask should they be forced into silence by snipe comments made by a spurious individual who for all I, my self know, could quite easily be a member of the game keeping fraternity and would wish nothing more than the determined, relentless gaze of the NWRPG removed from their estates?
    Let me make it quite clear to your self and to any one else reading this, the NWRPG has been active within the area for over 4 decades actively monitoring and protecting raptors and will continue to do so for many more decades to come – publicising every illegal action or poor judgement where they occur.
    Indeed our newest members are young in age and will long outlast and indeed out-live some of the ill-informed bureaucrats making decisions within the aforementioned bodies in your statement!

    I hold a very high regard and respect for the late Dr. Derek Ratcliffe and close friends and working colleagues of the man him self strongly agree when I say he would be turning in his grave at the sheer gravitas of the pitifully poor status quo that has developed within the forest of Bowland.

    All the very best!

  • pete

    A very strongly but correctly put reply,well said.Keep up the good work out there lads the Harriers need you and more like you.