Estonian White-tailed eagle real time web cam up and running

[singlepic id=163w=275 h=170 float=left]Good news:  The White-tailed Eagle nest webcam has been online since 7th March. Although the pair of eagles are resident in the territory they have only been observed at their nest a couple of times due to the harsh snowy conditions in Estonian. With a bit of luck we´ll be able to see the breeding pair from this nest raise their new family this year.  Earlier in the week, although fresh green twigs had been placed into the nest, snow-covered the cup just two days ago. Don’t forget the site will only be available during the day light hours, and sometimes is very difficult to access the site due to the huge traffic. Estonia is 2 hours ahead of UK time.

Please follow the link to the webcam. mms://

Alternatively follow the existing link provided by Raptor Politics in “Other Sites of  Interest” on the right hand side of the home page.  The link has kindly been provided to Raptor politics by Looduskalender in Estonia which is a non-profit conservation organisation.

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