Hen Harriers, Lies and more lies! says Don Scott.

[singlepic id=212w=358 h=281 float=left]Having scrupulously read the contents of the 2010 UK Hen Harrier Survey which included N. Ireland, my colleagues and I are aghast at the once again ‘exaggerated’ figures shown for our small Province! Even the dogs in the street here know that there were not 59 pairs breeding pairs of hen harriers […]

Tom de Castella, Journalist, read his views on raptor increases!

People are used to stories of conservational doom-and-gloom with fragile species threatened by creeping urbanisation, but recent reports suggest some birds of prey are booming in the UK. So why does the prospect of a soaring hawk or eagle leave some people worried asks Tom de Castella in the BBC News magazine this week? Song […]

Charities to fight on after Animal Snaring Proposals Rejected by Scottish Parliament

[singlepic id=270w=177 h=177 float=left]OneKind and the League Against Cruel Sports today said they will continue to work towards making Scotland a snare-free country. An amendment to the new Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill, lodged by Scottish Labour MSP Irene Oldfather, would have created an outright ban on the manufacture, sale, possession and use of snares […]