James Marchington’s responsible attitude towards raptors receives support from other concerned shooters.

Followers of Raptor Politics will we are sure wish to read details of the support from other responsible shooters being forwarded to James posted on his latest Blog this morning Sunday6th February. It just goes to show there is always light at the end of most tunnels. Hopefully many more responsible members of the shooting fraternity will add their voice in support of James Marchington by condemning those individuals who by their illegal and irresponsible activities bring the sport of game shooting into disrepute.  James points out that he has received a number of supportive emails from shooters about his stance on harriers and raptor persecution generally. To read more and leave your supporting comment follow the attached link to James Marchington’s blog   http://jamesmarchington.blogspot.com/

3 comments to James Marchington’s responsible attitude towards raptors receives support from other concerned shooters.

  • John Miles

    There was once a gamekeeper who would not shoot birds of prey. He was condemned by all the other gamekeepers in his area. Most of the problems in this country comes from the fact that land owners will not condemn this killing of birds of prey and I know many of you have stories of land owners encouraging the killing of birds of prey. I know I have mentioned this before but the payment of tax payers money to estates that still kill birds of prey must stop. The simple solution is that if the raptors are not breeding on the estate then they should not receive any money from the Tax Payer.

  • Mike Price

    Where raptors are lower than expect they could make it compulsory for the estates to work with local raptor groups, as well as encouraging the birds back it might help open up the dialogue between the 2 parties.

  • Over the last month or so I have spoken to many people who shoot, I have made a point of listening to their side of the story and most of them are disgusted by the persecution of raptors, they also have a genuine love of the countryside and the wildlife it holds.
    Like many people the mention of hunting and shooting has always bought out the worst in me and I openly admit that in the past I have condemned them all, I now openly admit how very wrong this has been.
    Many gamekeepers are in an impossible situation as speaking out would result in the loss of their homes and livelyhood and also ensure that they may not find employment elsewhere so in fact they are being held to ransom by their employers. I admire the gamekeepers who have spoken out in the past as their sacrifice will have been a large one.
    We must work with these people some are happy to do so others for the above reasons will not be able to, I personally think that to a degree it suits the RSPB and NE to blame gamekeepers for everything, even though they are not above taking the landowners money,while raptor workers and gamekeepers are at odds with each other the inadequacies of the two particular organizations is being hidden to a certain degree.
    James Marchington, who I have a greet respect for and consider a friend has shown me the way forward, we have to listen to each other and support each other or this situation will never end, it has gone on for far to long now is the time to change and move forward.
    The gamekeepers I have spoken with have a wealth of knowledge about all wildlife, we can learn from them and they can learn from us, this can happen if we all want it to, the responsible members of the shooting fraternity will talk to raptor workers, so let’s talk to them and get on with it.