World’s Oldest White-tailed eagle confirmed alive in Sweden?

[singlepic id=164w=314 h=235 float=left] In early January on the east coast of Sweden, in the county of Västerbotten near the city of Umeå a white-tailed eagle was observed feeding on the carcass of a dead animal. From the leg ring scientists established that this eagle was the oldest white-tailed eagle in the world – the bird had been ringed in Sodanküla in Finland in July 1980. The age of the white-tailed eagle is confirmed as thirty years and seven months.

Records from earlier observations show that the same white-tailed eagle had been observed wintering in Sweden as a young bird. In December 1984 the same eagle was seen south of Stockholm. The next ten observations are reported from the county of Gävleborg  in Sweden. Until the eagle was once again seen this year in Sweden, the bird had not been observed at all during the last thirty years. The original source of this information can be found here.

Until now the oldest white-tailed eagle was of Norwegian origin, 29 years and 10 months; this bird was found dead.

A third White-tailed eagle named Kotkas rung in 1985 by Einar Tammur, founder of the Estonian Nature Protection Society, is Estonia’s oldest ringed white-tailed eagle and is now 25 years 7 months old.

White-tailed eagle Update from Poland.

Information just provided by Prof. Tadeusz Mizera a well known Polish Sea Eagle expert appears to cast doubt upon the claim that a Finish eagle was the oldest White-tailed eagle in the world. Prof. Mizera points to data contained in his book Bielik,  that a pair of adult breeding eagles at Schezwig-Holstein in West Germany, were known to have been together as adult birds for 28 consecutive years. Prof. Mizera states the eagles must have been at least 33 years old and possibly may even be as old as 36 years.

Polish White-tailed eagle scientist Prof. Tadeusz Mizera has also recently confirmed to Raptor Politics estimated numbers of breeding pairs of White-tailed eagles in the country have increased from 900 to at least 1000 pairs.

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