Buzzard found on the Montquhanie Estate may have been poisoned.

Fife Police are investigating the suspected poisoning of a buzzard, reports the Fife Partnership against Wildlife Crime, which includes Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH). The dead buzzard was found by a member of the public close to Lewes Wood on the Montquhanie Estate near Cupar. Fife Police has confirmed the corpse has been sent for post-mortem […]

White-tailed Eagle Video Behavioural Interactions

Raptor Politics have been sent two interesting clips of recorded video from Estonia which our followers may find interesting. The first clip shows an immature eagle sparring with a fox who is trying to steal some meet from the food dump. Fox and Eagle

The second clip shows a pair of white-tailed eagles copulating […]

50 Buzzards found dead in Southern Germany, 31 poisoned.

Southern Germany: About 50 Buzzards (Buteo buteo) found dead in January 2011

About 50 Buzzards, most of them winter visitors from Northern and Eastern Europe, were found dead in the region between Iffezheim and Rauenberg in the state of Baden-Württemberg in January.

At least 33 raptors had been poisoned with the pesticide Carbofuran and […]

Wildlife and Environmental Crime Prosecutors Appointed in Scotland


[singlepic id=291w=118 h=118 float=left]RSPB Scotland

Thursday 24th February 2011


The RSPB welcomes specialist team of wildlife and environmental crime prosecutors

The appointment of a dedicated, full-time team of wildlife and environmental crime prosecutors has been warmly welcomed in Scotland by conservation campiage groups.

Solicitor General Frank Mulholland has announced that a […]

Scotland’s Shooting Estates issue Unprecedented Statement on Wildlife Crime.

The detail posted below was first published in 2010, however we feel that in view of the increasing number of poisoning incidents throughout the Scottish Highlands resulting in the deaths of large numbers of protected birds of prey, Raptor Politics feels the public have a right to know which estates have now added their names […]

Northumberland apprentice gamekeeper sent to prison.

TWO men from Northumberland, one an apprentice gamekeeper, have been sent to prison by South East Northumberland magistrates after forcing animals to fight to the death and posting footage of their sadistic activities on the internet. Wayne Lumsden and Connor Patterson, both 23, were sent to prison for 26 and 20 weeks respectively by magistrates […]

Lancashire Eagle Owls: Expert advice ignored Again.

[singlepic id=107w=225 h=192 float=left]As the followers of Raptor Politics will already be aware the plight of the pairs of Eagle Owls located at both Geltsdale and on moorland in the Forest of Bowland have featured prominently in several articles published on this web site. In particular over the last two years we have stressed over […]

Estonia: Real time camera feed:White-tailed eagle forest feeding station

[singlepic id=290w=450 h=385 float=left]If you are around each day between 07.00 – 15.00, have a look at the real time video feed from the White-tailed eagle feeding station in Estonia. You could just be fortunate enough to see beautiful pictures! Be aware because of the thousands of followers to this site EACH DAY, if you […]

Gamekeeper thrilled to see harriers on his moor.

[singlepic id=243w=300 h=200 float=left]I almost fell off my chair when I read on James Marchington’s blog about a gamekeeper who admits he was thrilled to see harriers on his moor. It would appear the quote was taken from a comment made by a keeper on the “Working for Grouse” blog. Mr. Marchington then makes the […]

Raptor Campaigner receives hate mail for trying to build bridges with the shooting community.

During the last two days Eagle Owl campaigner Chrissie Harper has been receiving hate mail and threatening phone calls from people who chose to hide their identities behind closed doors. Because they know what they are doing is wrong they didn’t have the courage to give their names or make their feeling known in a […]