Damming Hen Harrier Report Leaked by the Press

It comes as no surprise to learn this morning that the damming hen harrier report has now been leaked despite moves to prevent its publication. This document has now been published in the public interest.


8 comments to Damming Hen Harrier Report Leaked by the Press

  • Coop

    “The truth will out” as they say. Not that the loathsome Mr Hogg has any regard for the truth. He continues to attempt to cynically deceive a gullible public with his pathetic fabrications. It’s apparent that him and his kind need to get out into some healthy countryside (as opposed to the sterile zoo that they create), and learn a little bit about how it actually functions. He’s one clown who really isn’t funny.

  • John Miles

    If the press read the detail on this web site they would have put this story out weeks ago. This web site is becoming the main way of finding information on raptor persecution. Most politicians and press must be encouraged to get on this web site if they want to read the truth about what is happening out there. I notice Mr Hogg is still calling his pheasants ‘livestock’. Does he not know it is a crime to shoot livestock!!

  • skydancer

    The exact same scenario is happening here in the Forest of Bowland,and has been for years, but what chance do the Hen Harriers have when we have the Hen Harrier co-ordinator for England praising the local gamekeepers.

  • Mike Price

    It will be interesting to monitor the fall out from this, will it just be swept under the rug or could it be a turning point for the Hen Harrier (other raptors) in the UK, are we any closer to finding a solution now than we were 10 years when the hen harrier recovery project started?

    Will our government allow the hen harrier to become extinct in the England or will they follow the Scottish lead and try to bring these people under control, as we have seen and stated many times self regulation has failed something new must be tried.

    It’s not really a great revelation that its going on or that it’s far more widespread than people are lead to believe, but it will be nice to see it published so that people can stop saying we are all paranoid or blowing it out of all proportion (what a site like this does do is brings the resource together so that you can see its not isolated its endemic in areas where game shooting takes place).

    We all know what’s going on the big question still remains, what can be done about it?

    I assume someone is talking to these landowners/gamekeepers/shooting syndicates to see what can be done to bring about change?

    I am sure raptor groups have tried to resolve the issues but I imagine both side have a lot of trust issues to overcome and a lot of bad feeling for each other.

    I still think the first move needs to come from the shooting estates but it seems that until there is enough pressure for change they are unlikely to see the need.

    In the meantime it’s up to us all to raise the profile of the issue wherever and whenever we can, because if we don’t you can be sure no change is likely to ever happen

  • paul williams

    10 years of tax payers money flushed down the drain and less harrier now that before. Praising gamekeepers for what…crossing the UU estate boundary with a loaded shotgun, observed below a peregrine nest site. I am very sorry mike but i trust not when i see this activity with my own eyes. PS then gamekeeper provided with retrospective permission by Lancashires Wildlife Crime Officer, Just what the hell is going on in Bowland???

  • Mike Price

    To quote someone else (wish I could remember who) We’ve only failed when we stop trying, every new attempt is a step closer to success.

    The upper derwent valley had disastorous results with the Peak Nestwatch last year (hopefully details soon to follow provided permission can be obtained) but the group will still sit down with whoever will listen and try to thrash out some sort of agreement for this year, and they will try harder with their monitoring of the sites but they can’t be there 24/7 and the people responsible can.

    Up here the RSPB have leased a large piece of UU land right in the middle of the shooting moorland this will hopefully enable some birds to breed without fear of disturbance but they will still be in danger from poisoning and shooting.

    And that sadly, is why without the co-operation of the landowners/gamekeepers or shooting syndicates we will never win the fight against the persecution of raptors in the UK.

  • Andy Richardson

    The RSPB own 18,000 acres of prime habitat at Geltside Moor but have no Harriers so whom do you blame ?

  • Mike Price


    Who is it you wish to blame?

    Maybe it’s due to the fact that Hen Harriers are far from at their natural level so not all area’s are populated?

    Maybe its because the birds failed to stay away from area’s where they were unwelcome?

    Maybe you have some other idea?

    I’d love to read your thoughts on it