Golden Eagle Nesting Sites given Special Protection in Scotland.

[singlepic id=209 w=250 h=152 float=left]A victory for common sense for Scottish Golden Eagles- Breeding sites of one of Scotland’s most iconic birds of prey are to be given special protection – despite objections from wind farm developers.

The Scottish Government have granted special protection to a total of six Golden Eagle nesting territories across Scotland […]

Let’s put a stop to a free lunch

There is widespread recognition that we live in a world of finite resources that come under increasing pressure as the world’s population grows and the climate changes. What is perhaps less obvious, but is becoming increasingly talked about, is how the world economy does not satisfactorily deal with the issues that these climate and population […]

Maltese Government to be taken to court once again over illegal shooting practices.

The current situation on Malta is an example of the lack of political will to tackle a problem that is solvable just because there is a powerful minority lobbying group the Maltese hunters who are quite prepared to act illegally to get their way. It could be said to be similar to the UK position […]