Irish Government bans poisons used to kill raptors.

Raptor Politics would like to thank once again Raptor Persecution for sharing the following important news item. 


New regulations came into force in the Irish Republic yesterday, finally banning the use of all poisons for pest control, apart from those used for rats and mice. This important move has been a long time coming, and full credit should be given to The Golden Eagle Trust, who have long campaigned for this ban as they try to re-introduce the golden eagle, white-tailed eagle and red kite to their former ranges across the country. To learn more please follow the attched link to the Raptor Persecution Scotland Web site.

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2 comments to Irish Government bans poisons used to kill raptors.

  • Maria Zwart

    Wow this is just awesome news!!! Having lived in Ireland for 4 years and every time I visited a bird of prey center they began with the sad news that reintroduction of the Eagles fails miserably due to the poisoning. Hopefully this means that we will see the Eagles in Ireland more and more.

    • Admin

      Hi Maria, lets just hope dreams come true sometime. Anyone reading this reply may wish to donate towards the work undertaken by the Golden Eagle Trust in the Irish Republic. The link to their web site is attached in our story.